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Thank you to everyone who has made this page possible.  This is for all of you visual learners who like to watch videos instead of reading text!  I will try to keep this page organized so it is easy to find the videos you want, Videos will be in alphabetical order by topic.  Below is a list of each topic so you know what is on this page and the order you will find them in.  Also unless the video was taken by me or posted on you tube, there will be a link provided to see the video.  Many people use Qik, and I cannot upload videos from that site unless I provide the embedded code
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Cooking Shows
Recipe/Product/Show Demonstrations
Spring Launch 2013
Team Meeting Trainings from other teams



Consultant Training

Love Carpenter’s New Cons Welcome

Duska Mills’s Bookings Training Call (Audio) (Duska Mills, in Sharon Zelen’s Call 1 Step Up) Or call (661) 673-8609, code 954406#, 12#

Feriale Yan: Bookings talk at 2012 Spring Launch

Sharon Zelen: How to recruit easily at Shows

Jill Lerner: necklace game for bookings

Jill Lerner: new consultant Show training 

Jill Lerner: Spinach Artichoke Braid

Sharon Zelen at Leadership 2012, on Recruiting

Jennifer Courtney – holiday shopping.leadership 2012

Dice Game – Shari Hudspeth

Dice Game, Cindy Lazor

Penney Parkes, Jillian Grant – host coaching

Esther Atkin's Interactive Show Sizzle 2013

Outside Resources

Cooking Shows

Heather Trouy Close:
Jennifer Soto Close:

Recipe/product/Show Demonstrations

Dedication about a product

Breanna- Healthy Salad in 2 minutes with salad choppers:

Patty Mocerino: Brownies in the double burner griddle-

Kelley Lyons Boil Over No More:

Selling Cookware, Beth Perrera

Artisan Bread, Lydia Martin

The Dice Game, Cindy Lazor
Christie McDanald veggie wedger .

Learn How to make a home made pizza! Grill it or bake it! Thanks to Julie Gizzi

Sharon Zelen Stoneware and Rock Crock

Recruiting Training by Richardson

Here is a video, showing how I am teaching my team to recruit, using the website, instead of the interview cards. I hope it is helpful to you and your teams!

How any consultant can use our website tools to sure to ask the CLOSING question, "Are you ready to click on get started?" at the end of the interview.
Here is the script with the questions to ask:
Section 1: What does a consultant do? Ask, “Which of these ways of working your business would you like the most?” Section 2: Why You’ll Love It-Ask, “Which of these benefits of a Pampered Chef business sound best for you?” Section 3: Meet People Like You Ask, “Which of these categories do you relate to most? Go ahead and watch that video to learn more. Any others appeal to you that you would like to watch, too?” Section 4: Which Kit Fits You? Ask, “I want you to have the most success possible. May I share with you some research results of a pilot study with our starter kits? Those consultants who purchased the Ultimate Kit had more shows, had higher average guest orders, had more guests at each show, had higher show sales and made more money that those who purchased one of the other starter kits. Which starter kit would be best suited for your goals and budget?” Section 5: Why Pampered Chef Ask, “Which of those reasons why you should try Pampered Chef excites you the most?” “I want to encourage you to watch the video at the bottom of the screen to learn even more information. Are you ready to click ‘Get Started?’”
Here is the script with the questions to ask: 

Spring Launch 2013

The Show that Sizzles-Marna Ross
Check out this amazing video from Spring Launch: Opening and Cookware by Stacy Itzel

Deep Covered Baker and Opening-Stacy Itzel
Tools and Booking-Stacy Itzel
Recruiting and Show Close-Stacy Itzel

This is Alicia Hagberg's amazing story.  Get inspired and share the business with everyone!

Team Meeting Training From Our Team

Team Meeting Trainings From Other Teams

Michelle Zito-Eggs, Caprese Appetizer Shells, Mexican Layered Dip, and Individual Cherry Cheesecakes.

Technology How To send E-vites on the new web How to order supplies on the new web How to set up a show and find the show URL How to sign in  and set up direct deposit and your order payment accounts all star long training monthly host specials enter an order

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