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Fall Vendor Event set up ideas

Do you need to have a Seller's Permit?  

     Most events that you participate in will not ask you for a seller's permit, but on the chance that they do you can e-mail finance and ask them for a copy of Pampered Chef's selling permit, which will then satisfy any requrements that event organizers are asking for.

Tips for a Successfu Craft Fair or other Vendor Event (inside event)


Floor layout is important.  Set up 2 large tables in an L shape toward the back of the booth. It helps to display a Super Starter kit If space permits, set  up so people have to circulate & come Into the booth to sign up for the Prize Drawing. A card table can be used at the front of the booth for demos. One small table can still be worthwhile.

Prize Drawing

Plan a Prize Drawing for anyone who signs up to host a show. Have a small basket, sign-up slips, and pens available. The prize should not be given at the end of the show. It should be awarded on the night of her scheduled show.



Make your crates, tables, & baskets attractive & inviting. You may use a seasonal theme: Christmas lights and festive garland or spring flowers with ivy vines. Cover tables with large colorful sheets or printed fabric. Place appropriate flowers in the bread crock and tie with a bow.

Craft Display Board

Use a large tri-fold corrugated cardboard display board for showing your finished craft items. Cover with contact paper or small patterned paper for background. Make molded chocolate, handcast paper, sugar cookies, cinnamon pomanders, apple peel wreath, etc. to hang on tile board. Make labels for each item.


 Make a large Pampered Chef sign. Laminate for stability. Decorate using colors to coordinate

your theme. You will also need small signs for "Prize Drawing", "Special Feature" of the

month, "For Display Only" beside demo food items that are not to be eaten, etc.

 Wear Your Apron & comfortable shoes. A brightly colored top also attracts attention.

Arrive Early
                Allow plenty of time to set up so you aren't frustrated

Don't Sit Down!

Food Demonstration

Do a stir-fry (garlic & onion) recipe. You must have an electric source for this and usually there is an extra charge. People will follow the smell. Bring a bowl of tri-colored cooked pasta. Stir-fry:  garlic, onions, red pepper, carrots; zucchini, & stir-fry seasoning or dill mix. Garnish, slice, cut, chop, press, etc. Serve samples in mini cups with plastic spoons & napkins. Find out if a food vendor's license is necessary for giving away free samples. Have the Ice Shaver set up with frozen Ice to shave. Serve in 3 oz. plastic cups with spoons. Freeze several extra tubs & store in zip lock bags.

If you don't want the hassle of on site cooking, cook up some samples beforehand, you can make appetizers, or desserts, and have them out to display and for people to sample.  You also need to check the rules at your event as some events don't allow outside food and beverages


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