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  1. Work consistently.  This means that you have to work every week for the same amount of time.  Even if you don’t have a show! When you allow yourself to take a week off it affects you later.  You don’t hostess coach your upcoming shows, therefore they are more likely to cancel or be low in sales and attendance.  You don’t call back your bookings, so next month’s calendar remains empty.  The night you should be at a show, but aren’t, is the night to make customer service calls, follow up on every lead, booking or recruiting, no matter how old it is!
  2. Remain Current.  Don’t allow those door prize slips to build up.  Be certain to follow up on any leads within 48 hours.  Successful people always schedule a time of the day after a show or meeting to unpack the briefcase and complete any follow up work, including filing the notes!
  3. Act.  Don’t Re-act.  If your schedule is empty, Do Something Instead of worrying or calling your friend or director to complain, take action!  Read all you can about bookings, check out a video or audio tape, make three more phone calls, find a fair or a show to work.  Remember that this is your own business, if you don’t get to work no one else will do it for you!  You are the only one who can open the door to your store!
  4. Be in Charge. Is your calendar uneven because you have allowed hostesses full control over your show dates?  People are drawn to confidence.  If you don’t have it, fake it!  When you sound as if your schedule is full, you create a sense of urgency with potential hostesses.  Let them know that this is your business and you take it seriously, the will too!  Confidence comes from a sound business knowledge.  Spend time in the training center on consultant’s corner and on our team website:
  5. Take stock of your professionalism.  Take time to really asses your demo.  Record yourself and really analyze what you see.  Our ability to sell and present ourselves are our most valuable tools.  Are you the most professional person you can be?  Have your director watch the video and ask her to asses it with you.  I know this will be painful, but it could be the single most important thing you ever do to move forward in your business.  Record a phone call.  How is your voice tone?  Is your enthusiasm for PC shining through?  Are you in control of the conversation?  Do you sound and act like someone with whom YOU would want to do business?
  6. Don’t take NO personally!  This is probably the number one thing that sets successful people apart.  They usually fail many more times than less successful people, but they see these as learning opportunities.  I know it feels bad when someone tells you no, but rarely are they directing that at you personally.  When we allow no to affect us emotionally, we become ineffective in our businesses.  The best way to avoid this pitfall is to assess the situation and take action.  Make another phone call and another until you end your work session on a positive note.  This will help you stay “up” and continue to feel good about The Pampered Chef!
  7. Have Fun! Our shows should be fun.  That is why people come!  Are you having fun at your shows?  Do you sound like a “fun” person?  Relax, and enjoy PC, just like we want our customers to do!


  1. Compiled by Mary McLoughlin, Senior Director in May 1996

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