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How to be a More Remarkable Recruiter and How to Train Your     Recruits

Recruiting interview with Chandra Law- 15 New Recruits since January!

What paperwork do you give interested perspective consultant?

 --I have a little cute packet using the bags from My Girlfriend's House with my business card, recipe card and a Join Us booklet

What kind of excuses/ objectives have you in countered? What do you say or do? 

 -every one imaginable ;) Too busy, don't know anyone, no good at parties, etc. I answer them the same way I would answer a host who is objecting to a party--help give them the confidence to know they can do this too!

When and how do you train? 

 -varies. when I sign several all at once, I try to set up a new consultant training with everyone at once (in Feb I had one where there were 6 there), otherwise I do a one on one with them. 

-I go over the yellow succeed with us booklet and the getting started checklist

Your thoughts on launching shows and strong starts?

 -I would love to go to launching shows to help but my schedule prohibits it. I do know those with the stronger start are more consistent and have more fun & success with their businesses.

When and how do you bring up joining u in the business with hostess?

 -during my host coaching. I usually say something like "You & your friends obviously love pc, have you ever considered doing something like this? We could make your party your kickoff party or if you haven't quite decided by that date we can use some of your free product towards your kit!"

What do you say at the show/ outside of the show?

-I try to emphasize that really anyone can give this a try for just $99. No other investment needed after that, first you truly get to see if you like it before you spend another dollar out of your pocket!

When do you say it during your show?

 -I don't bring up the opportunity during a specific time during my party, just often.

Do you use the booking slide?

 -not the new one, I haven't really gotten the hang of it yet

What recipes are you making at your shows? 

 -fajitas & salsa or zucchini in the rockcrok with garlic bites in the saute pan or wine, cheese & chocolate with 3 minute dip & s'mores cake

Do you tie any statements with products from the kit? 

 -I usually always bring it up when using the MFP, but really any product works because I talk about them earning pc dollars to buy whatever they want (even the NEW products at half price!)

Does the trip have any impact on your recruiting? 

 -I think it has. I have several who are really wanting to earn Disney, I think because they saw me do it they realize that they can do it too!

Do you wear or carry logo items?

 -yes, my purse is the gray one we earned last year with the mini catalog in the front. I have a few logo shirts I wear as well, people always notice those and comment on how much they love pc!

What changed from what you did in the past? 

 -I can't say anything in particular has changed, Maybe because I realized that giving PC a try isn't a MAJOR decision. How many of us have spent more than $99 at Walmart and we don't even remember what we bought? Why not use that $99 to give something like pc a try and see what else it can do for you and your family?

Do all your consultants qualify? 

 -nope. I wish they did but at some point I feel like if they are going to qualify, they are going to qualify, does that make sense? I am here to help them & support them every step of the way but I don't stress out or pressure them too much. I always point out the benefits of qualifying (incentive, pc dollars, trip points, etc) and then the rest is up to them.

Any tips on team recruiting? 

 -Again, just to realize this isn't a HUGE deal. Give it a try. Like it or don't. What do they have to lose? Don't get so wrapped up in everything that it becomes intimidating. Do they love pc? Do they have a few friends who would do practice parties for them? Great! Then they need to sign. ;)

How do you balance bookings / shows and recruiting with your busy home life? 

 -This is still something I'm working on, I tend to hyper-focus on one thing at a time (like February was recruiting, lol). I am still trying to achieve a good balance but the main thing I learned is that I can't do it all. Sounds silly but it's true. Do I get everything done for my team that I want to? Nope. Do I spend as much time on the phone as I want to? Nope. Is my house clean and weekly menu always made? Nope. You get the picture. I don't do as much on anything as I would like to but I have learned that it's ok. I do what I can. I prioritize and realize it's not the end of the world when my to-do list doesn't get totally done.

Most effective tip? 

 -I can't think of anything that I haven't already covered right now, sorry!

Anything else's you want to add?
-I guess I would just say don't over-think it. Don't over-talk it. We are putting too much pressure on them and ourselves, I think our recruit leads are getting overwhelmed with everything. Shoot, if I go on consultant's corner and think I need to learn it all I get overwhelmed never mind thinking I need to teach everyone how to do it all! Show them what an awesome return they will get on their investment. $99 and a few parties and look how much they get! Why wouldn't they want to try it?
“You Never Know” Poem Share by Diane McRae

You never know when someone may catch a dream from you...

You never know when a little word or something you may do...

May open up the windows of the mind that seeks the light...

The way you live may not matter at all, But you never know- It might!

And just in case it could be, that another's life, through you,

Might possibly change for the better with a broader and brighter view,

It seems it might be worth a try at pointing the way that's right,

Of course, it may not matter at all but then again it might!

Author unknown
Here is a great welcome video for new members on your team.  Check it out:

Recruiting tip from Lorraine Reid
Instead of just stamping your catalog with a traditional name/address/phone label; consider purchasing 2 x 4 inch labels and putting a recruiting “blurb” on it such as:

We need consultants in your area…ask me for more information!

Hiring and training consultants all over the United States (or Canada)!

HELP WANTED! Full or part time – flexible hours…ask me for more info!

How about your “story” short and sweet…
“I was a stay at home mom of 2 toddlers who needed to make some extra money and regain my sanity. Amazing Parties has helped me do both and I’m having a blast! I’d love to show you how you can do the same thing!”

You get the idea…get creative, but be sure you are MAXIMIZING your catalog!

P.S. This can be a great activity for a team meeting. Take 15 – 20 minutes and brainstorm ideas for labels on your catalogs that will help team recruiting.

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