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Power Hour

Click here to see a video of Love Carpenter showing you how to make your Power Hour notebook.


  1. I am going to spend 15 minutes on each category every day No Matter What
  2. Biggest complaint from hosts is that they didn’t have enough contact with their consultant.  Hostess coaching is so important
  3. Easiest way to implement it: different folders or a binder with dividers
    1. Colored Folders-easy for you and family
      1. Call home and say “look in my blue folder and get me host number” helps with organization
      2. It’s like a traveling business-make phone calls while waiting for children during different activities (dance class, etc)
      3. One of the keys to being successful is having things in order around you
      4. Organization is key- you can use the folders to put your scrap pieces of paper-sometimes when someone calls you just grab whatever you have lying around and if you put it in your folders they won’t get lost!
  1. The biggest reason that people don’t make phone calls is because people don’t have the phone number right at hand, when you go to look for it you get side tracked and you start cleaning up, organizing, or getting involved in something else until your time is up
  2. Key:  JUST DO IT, start using it immediately while you are excited and motivated
  3. Business on the go- you can make your phone calls while waiting for your children at dance class (karate class, etc).  You can do the whole hour at one time or break it into four 15 minute segments while you are at lunch, or waiting to pick up your kid from school, etc.

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