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Once a Month Cooking

Kid Friendly Freezer Meal workshop- photo by Ginny Syphax

Who likes to cook dinner for an hour and then spend another hour cleaning everything up every night?  In today's world we are busy with so many things, it is amazing we spend so much time cooking and cleaning.  What would you do with an extra 14 hours a week?  This page is designed to teach you how to make a month's worth of meals at one time!  By following this guideline you will spend a few hours cooking, only dirtying the same amount of dishes as if you made one meal on a regular night, and all your cooking and cleaning will be completed for the month!  If you are new to power cooking, it is advised you start out small: making enough meals for the week, and build up from there so you don't overwhelm yourself.  Put time back into your life!

First thing first: You should decide what your family's favorite meals are and plan your month around those meals.  Of course you can try new meals along the way, but start by making what you already love to make! 

I start out by cooking a Whole Chicken, Pork Rump Roast, and Beef Rump Roast in the 9x13 baker.  This way you have a good variety of meats for your meals and your family won't feel like they are eating the same thing every night.  The meat needs to cook for a few hours, you can use a meat thermometer to determine when it is finished cooking. 

As an added bonus, we will make an enchilada soup out of the leftovers from our recipes and the juices released by the meats, so don't toss the juices in the baker!

White Enchilada Chicken: 1st Chicken Recipe
*Cooked a 6lb chicken-we get three full meals from this chicken (more or less depending on the size of your family)

*You can purchase meats and ingredients at Costco or Sams for much cheaper than you can at a local grocery store. 
*In our busy lives time has to be carefully allocated and we need to decide where we will put our time.  Will we take time out of our kid's activities or our social activities?  Why not make the time come from our cooking and cleaning!?!

Enchilada End and Chicken Divan

*If you normally shop for two weeks of food at one time, you know two weeks of food will fit in your freezer/refrigerator.  Make sure you know how much room you have to store food before you start cooking for a whole month at a time.

*Before you freeze any meal made with fresh vegetables, make sure to microwave it for a few minutes which will break down the enzymes in the vegetables and your vegetables won't get rubbery and slimy when you defrost them.

Chicken Ceasar Salad Wraps

Pork Paradise Pita Pockets

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Moving onto Beef: Beef Stroganoff

*If your recipe calls for a couple tbsp tomato paste, you can substitute Ketchup for the tomato paste so you don't have to open up a big can of tomato paste for just two tbsp of paste!

French Dip

Now you see how this makes 8 full meals, which if you are serving a family of three, is easily doubled to 16 meals, or if you have a family of 6 you will still have 8 full meals and all your cooking for the week is done!

Supportive Documents

How to Use This at a Show

The company has some great resources under the power cooking section, they have an outline for Power Cooking Chicken, and Power Cooking Beef (all recipes can also be found in the investment cookbook attachment at the top of the page). 

  • Your hostess needs to know that she will be getting at least two meals put into her freezer, and then one meal will be used for sampling at the show.
  • This is a great show to do when you move into a new area because everyone is going to want to know how to save time and money making meals so they don't have to spend so much time making food and cleaning up!  Use this show style to get to know more people and to get bookings.  Although it is much more time intensive than a regular show, you will be putting all the extra meals into your own freezer if you are the host, and allowing your guests to sample one recipe (usually the chicken wraps).

Power Cooking General Tips for a Show

  • When guests arrive start cooking the meat, you can show them the Mix 'N Chop and how it works with the meat if the stove is near where you are set up. 
  • As the meat cooks, prepare the other ingredients for all three recipes (you can occasionally have guests stir the meat to make sure it isn't burning and that it is  evenly cooked.)
  • Once you are finished with the preparation of all the ingredients for all three recipes, the meat should be finished cooking.
  • Have one recipe for the guests to try-the best one I have found for Power Cooking Beef is the Italian Beef Hoagies, guests always love it.  The best one for Power Cooking Chicken is the Smoky Black Bean Chicken Wraps since lettuce doesn't keep as long, and wraps are easy to assemble.

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