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Patriotic Theme Show

Patriotic theme shows are great for the summer when the 4th of July approaches, and even for a while after!  They are also great for military families, and women who have husbands that are deployed.  Show your support for the country in style!

We have the Independence Day Tasty Tidbits Cookbook posted here for you to download, as well as a flier for the theme show, and a few more recipes for you!

For more great July 4th ideas visit me on pinterest:


Flag Cake!  You can make this in the Large Bar Pan and decorate with the Easy Accent Decorator. 

Click the link to see how to make this cake:

A great add on to any show.  Make up a drink to go with your "meal" you are making!
Follow the link to find out how! 

Make these in the mini tart pans!  
Recipe is in the Spring/Summer 2012 Season's Best, or click the link below:

This is a great Patriotic Trifle to do at your shows, show off our amazing Trifle Bowl!  Follow the link to learn how:

Stuff your strawberries instead of dipping them!  Super easy and cute! Follow the link below to learn how to make these:

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