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Station Style Shows

Station-Style Shows

Make your Show the ultimate “try before you buy” experience. Getting guests involved in the recipe prep leads to higher sales and more bookings! It's easy to do and lots of fun! We've created ready-to-go station cards for a number of great recipes; you'll find them in the tabs below.

Or, you can divide your favorite recipe into two or three separate stations. The Show goes more quickly when everyone pitches in, and you'll be thrilled as guests sell each other on the products they've used!

Three easy steps to Shows done station-style.

Step 1. Welcome (10 minutes)
  • Keep it short and sweet so the fun can begin! Introduce yourself, thank the hosts and guests for coming, and give a quick overview of what they’ll gain from the experience.
  • Introduce the recipe(s) and get them excited about making it together!
  • Highlight the vessel you're using for the recipe; share the features and benefits that aren't immediately apparent so guests understand how terrific the product is!
  • Move guests to the stations you've set up. (Have everyone wash their hands before handling food and product.)

Step 2. Guest Interaction/Recipe Prep (15-20 minutes)
  • You're the “facilitator of fun” as guests take charge of the recipe prep.
  • Each station has an instruction card. It's fun to ask, “Who loves to be in charge?” or “Who's the bossiest person in this group?”, and have that person take the lead at their station.
  • If a product needs a quick demo (for safety or clarity), go to that station first.
  • You can visit each station to answer questions, provide product tips, and plant booking and recruiting seeds. It's totally interactive and fun!
  • As guests finish up at their station, invite them to gather together.

Step 3. Shop & Share (10-15 minutes)
  • After recipe prep, gather guests to share what they liked about the products they used. Their excitement will be contagious!
  • Be sure everyone knows about the Guest Special, Host Rewards and business opportunity.
  • Serve the recipe as soon as it's ready, so everyone can enjoy the results of their work!
  • Encourage guests to shop from the catalog, and make yourself available to answer questions.
  • And of course, you'll help each guest place their order and ask about future interests.

Practical Tips:

  • Use the handy appliance icons listed with each recipe to choose recipes that have different cooking methods. That way you won't have to wait for one to finish before the other can be cooked.
  • Bring only the products you need for the recipes. Use the “Tools Needed” section of the ready-to-go recipe station cards to pack your tote.
  • As guests arrive, greet guests individually so you can start building relationships right away!
  • Start your welcome within 10 minutes of the Show start time. Guests who've already arrived will appreciate this, and those who come later can easily join one of the recipe prep stations.
  • During the recipe prep, balance visiting the stations with giving guests time on their own with the products.
  • If a recipe needs additional cooking or cooling time, put the host in charge while you gather the guests for Shop & Share.
  • Personalize check-out conversations with what you've already learned about each guest. You're sure to have clues for their future interests!

Freezer Meals

Freezer Meal Workshops

Help your customers save TIME, MONEY and SANITY

Who should I ask?
Anyone who wants to spend less time worrying about dinner and more time enjoying it.

How does it work?
Guests pre–order pantry products and bring groceries from a provided list along with freezer bags. They’ll have fun trying out Pampered Chef products while assembling a variety of delicious entrees to take home, freeze and enjoy.

Something for Everybody

GUESTS go home with a week’s worth of delicious entrees they’ve assembled in a fun, social atmosphere.

HOSTS receive host rewards for the pre-ordered items and for orders placed at the workshop.

YOU can earn commissions before–and again after–the workshop. You’ll also attract new and repeat customers, sell more products, get more bookings and can scout for new team members.

Freezer Meal Workshops At–A–Glance

Simple Steps for Successful Workshops.


Step 1: Welcome (5-7 minutes)

Distribute pre–ordered pantry products, explain the recipe stations, point out trash bins and have everyone wash their hands.

Step–by–step »

  • Welcome each guest personally, give them their pre-ordered pantry items, and show them where to wash their hands.
  • As they unseal their pantry items, introduce yourself and thank everyone for coming. Talk about how you offer both freezer meal workshops and cooking shows, and that you’d love to provide information to those interested in doing these workshops themselves as a consultant.
  • Point out the Recipe Prep Station Cards and tools and the vessel to hold the freezer bag for each recipe. Mention the station cards will say which size freezer bag to use.
    • With meat that will be cooked at the workshop, guests should empty the bag containing the meat directly into the cooking vessel.
    • For recipes in which the meat will not be cooked, ingredients are added to the already–prepped meat, so that guests won’t handle raw meat at the workshop.
  • Explain the liquid and dry measuring cups, and that 3 tsp = 1 tbsp (if sharing measuring spoons).
  • Point out trash and recyclables and where to put dirty tools so they can be washed before being used again.
  • Ask guests to keep meat and poultry in their ice–packed cooler until they need it to assemble a recipe, and to place each assembled meal in their ice-packed cooler as soon as it's finished.
  • Explain how the stations are set up.* If applicable, point out the separate station for grating cheese.
    * See the Practical Tips for options on setting up stations.

Step 2: Recipe Prep & Assembly (45–60 minutes)

Assemble about half the recipes, offer help with products, demonstrate food safety best practices and then take a break.

Step-by-step »

  • Circulate among the stations to get acquainted and build relationships!
  • Offer help with products and share practical tips. Be sure to demonstrate safe usage of products, especially knives and cutting tools.
  • Answer questions about assembling and cooking the meals. Remind guests to put their assembled meals into their cooler right away to follow food safety best practices.
  • Make sure tools are washed as needed.
  • When most guests have assembled about half the recipes, gather the group for a break.

Step 3: Half-time Break (10 minutes)

Sample a Pampered Chef recipe, pass out catalogs and a wish list. Talk about our cooking vessels and the guests’ favorite products. Announce monthly specials and ask guests to see you when they are finished.

Step-by-step »

  • Sample a recipe together! Create interest in future workshops by serving a recipe from a different freezer meal menu. Or, keep it simple with crackers and a dip made with pantry products, or a quick dessert made in the Rockcrok®.
  • Have guests quickly share which tools they loved using. Talk briefly about the best vessels for cooking their meals: Rockcrok®, Deep Covered Baker or cookware, etc.
  • Hand out a wish list with tools used at the workshop, along with a catalog. Encourage them to circle anything they might like to order OR get for free by hosting a freezer meal workshop or cooking show. Point out the host reward chart in the catalog. Explain that you can add up orders as they're finishing their recipe prep; be sure to announce the current guest special, too. You might also pass around a sign-up sheet for your next freezer meal workshop.
  • Ask them to see you when they're finished to get their Freezer Meal Planner. Explain that it includes several helpful resources:
    • Freezer Meal Planner: Instructions for finishing the meal, suggested side dishes, and a place to note date frozen, as well as a date by which to use the meal.
    • Freezing / Thawing / Cooking Tips: Suggest placing the bags in a single layer in the freezer so that they won't stick to one another. Recommend thawing freezer meals in the refrigerator to ensure food safety. Depending on the meal, thawing will take 1-2 days. Point out that the cooking day instructions include a safe internal temperature for each recipe. (TIP: Show off the Pocket Thermometer!)
    • Beyond the Freezer Meal: Tips for Using Your Pampered Chef Pantry Products: They’ll find ideas for jazzing up meats and vegetables, as well as easy dips, dressings, spreads and more.

Step 4: Finish Recipe Prep & Assembly (30-45 minutes)

Complete recipe assembly, hand out a Freezer Meal Planner and provide customer care.

Step-by-step »

  • Guests will finish up at different times, so be sure to connect with each person to thank them for coming.
  • Give them a Freezer Meal Planner; point out the freezing and thawing tips again.
  • Ask, “Are you thinking about hosting a cooking show or freezer meal workshop?”
  • Promise you’ll contact them in a few days to answer questions and see how they enjoyed their first freezer meal!
Menu Plans

The Pampered Chef Test Kitchen has developed a choice of menus, each featuring seven delicious recipes with a mix of proteins and vegetarian options. To help you have a successful workshop, we’ve prepared printable materials for each recipe plan that will take you from planning to customer care follow-up! Please note that some products or pantry items listed in a recipe may no longer be available for sale.

Barbecue Beef Sloppy Joes, Beef & Broccoli Stir-Fry, Easy Pork Tenderloin with Cherry Balsamic Sauce, Rush Hour Chicken Fajitas, Lemon Pepper Chicken Divan, Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Soup, “Baked” Veggie Rotini

Saucy Beef Chili, Easy Beef Stew, Cheesy Shells & Italian Sausage, Barbecue Chicken, Lemon Greek Chicken, Quick Chicken Cacciatore, Potato Corn Chowder


Easy Beef Stroganoff, Double Onion Burgers, Maple Pork Tenderloin with Apples, Greek Chicken & Orzo Skillet, Chipotle Black Bean Chicken Wraps, Sweet ‘N Spicy Chicken Stir-Fry, Lightning-Fast Veggie Chili


Easy Chili Mac, Beefy Rotini 'N Cheese Soup, Pasta Fagioli, White Bean Chicken Chili, Italian Chicken Parmesan Soup, Asian Vegetable Noodle Bowl, Quick 3-Bean Chili


Chimichurri Steak Salad, Pork Fried Rice, Chipotle Burgers, Penne with Chicken Sausage & Peppers, Chicken Paprikash, Lemon-Chicken Scallopine, Creamy Pasta Primavera


All-American Burgers, Grilled Steak Tacos, Maple Dijon Pork Chops, Easy Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Sandwiches, Grilled Adobo Chicken Breasts, Grilled Black Bean Veggie Burgers


Tater-Topped Beef Shepherd’s Pie, Tex-Mex Meat Loaves, BBQ Pork Sandwiches, Creamy Turkey Tetrazzini, Chicken Chilaquiles, Easy Whole Grain Chicken Tenders, Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Booking Tips

Get the word out on freezer meal workshops!

Say-“Why not gather your friends for a freezer meal workshop? They’ll have loads of fun and take home a week’s worth of entrées that are ready to go. Moms and dads are loving how they can have a hot and delicious meal on the table so quickly, most in 15-20 minutes!” 

Email- Suggested Subject Lines:Tired of drive-thru dining?
Have what’s for dinner stress?
Include the following in your message: A Pampered Chef freezer meal workshop is the way to go! Results are guaranteed delicious! Contact me for info.

Text- Pampered Chef freezer meal workshops help save time, money and sanity! Contact me for info.

Share- Post pics of a your freezer shelf stacked with workshop meals, your family enjoying a cooked freezer meal, or guests at a freezer meal workshop. And be sure to tag Pampered Chef in your photos, comments and tweets.


At shows, you can pass around a sign-up sheet so people can reserve their spot. At checkout you can say, “Why don’t we get your pantry products ordered now, so that your spot is saved and then (host name) gets credit for your order on her show today.”

If you’re out and about, you can say, “I’m offering freezer meal workshops now, where everyone can prep a week’s worth of entrées in a couple hours. Just think, no more 'what’s for dinner?' stress! My next one is on (date). Does that sound interesting to you?”

Practical Tips

Check out these tips for easy, successful freezer meal workshops! 

Before the Workshop

  • Work with your hosts to have strong attendance and provide specific examples of what they can receive! For example: “When you have ten to twelve guests at your freezer meal workshop, you can get the Deep Covered Baker or Rockcrok® for FREE.” Or, point out that hosts might want to use their free product value to cover the cost of the pantry pre–order.
  • Set a pantry pre-order deadline based on the normal delivery time in your area. Give yourself a few days cushion, especially if your order deadline is near the end of the month or in the first few days of the month. (The distribution center is extra-busy at these times.)
  • If the pantry pre-order total doesn’t meet the purchase requirement for the current guest special, recommend some specific tools that are used with the recipes they’ll be making, or suggest several gift ideas.
  • Submit the pantry pre-order as a catalog show. On the pantry pre-order show, if there is a host other than you, be sure to add the host as a future booking in the Customer Interests section (enter the date of the upcoming freezer meal workshop). This ensures she’ll be eligible for the future party pick, along with her other host rewards, based on the sales at the workshop itself.
  • When the pantry items arrive, it’s helpful to write the item name on top of the lid for quick identification at the workshop–a metallic permanent marker works well. You can also add a self-adhesive label with your contact info to the jar, to make it easy for customers to reach you when they need to re-order.
  • Each guest will need a vessel to hold their freezer meal bags during the recipe prep. Pampered Chef vessels, such as the Classic Batter Bowl, Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls, and Bamboo Fiber Mixing Bowls, work well. Some consultants have found small plastic bins that they use just for freezer meal workshops. Or, you can simply ask each guest to bring a bowl along to hold their freezer bag.

Food Safety

  • Review the food safety tips included with every Freezer Meal Planner. Your customers are counting on you to follow safe food-handling practices at the workshop.
  • Demonstrate how to turn down the top of a gallon-size freezer bag to form a “cuff;” this keeps the zipper area clean so that it will be easy to seal.
  • Avoid cross-contamination! Do not remove prepped meat/poultry from freezer bag unless the meat is to be cooked at the workshop. In most cases, guests will simply add additional ingredients to the meat/poultry at the workshop.
  • Have a ‘Wash Me’ bin where guests can place dirty tools.
  • Remind guests to keep meat and poultry in their ice-packed cooler until they need it to assemble a recipe, and to place each assembled meal in their ice-packed cooler as soon as it’s finished.
  • For more details, helpful charts and clever videos, visit

Station Set-up

OPTION A: Guests move from station to station to assemble their recipes.
  • Each recipe has its own station, so that you can place the station instructions and key tools for the recipe in one spot.
  • If you have more guests than stations, a couple of people can work at the same station if you simply add another cutting board or mat.
  • When guests arrive, have them set their cooler/groceries in a convenient spot, so they can grab just the items they need for their current station. Moving to a new station creates energy for your guests!

OPTION B: Each guest has his/her own station.
  • Guests assemble all their recipes at their own station.
  • Each guest receives a set of station instructions for all the recipes.
  • Guests share tools as needed.
  • With this station set-up approach, you might want to have a separate cheese-grating station.

  • IMPORTANT! If a customer comes with meat or poultry that has not been prepped for the recipe, have them work at a separate station to complete the prep. Have a separate station for each type of meat or poultry. And be sure to wash the cutting board/mat/knives with hot, soapy water after each use. Plus, remind guests to wash their hands after handling meat or poultry.

During the Workshop

  • Play music! It makes recipe assembly more fun, and people move along more quickly to an upbeat tempo.
  • Ask questions about guests’ meal-planning habits to spark a lively discussion! For example:
    • “How often do you eat out, carry out or drive through each week?”
    • “How much do you spend monthly on meals?”
    • “How many times per week do you run to the store for a last-minute food item?”
  • Take a minute to demo key products to the entire group. This is especially helpful for pointing out safe product usage with knives and cutting tools. For example, show how to use the food holder for the Microplane® Adjustable Grater or Simple Slicer. Or demonstrate how to control the fineness of chopped onions with the Food Chopper or Manual Food Processor.

    For more details on safe product usage, go to Consultant’s Corner > Training & Resources > Product Training for helpful videos on many of our products.

  • Ask guests to share with one another about the tools they’re using at the workshop, and also about other Pampered Chef products they already own.
  • Take photos of the recipe assembly, and be sure to take a group photo of everyone holding their completed meals.

After the Workshop

  • “Friend” the attendees on Facebook® and post photos from the workshop. Tag people in the photos so that the word can spread about your freezer meal workshops.
  • Follow up with customer care calls. Because you’ve built relationships at the workshop, it’s an easy conversation! Ask about the meals they’ve already made, how they’ve used their leftover pantry items, and answer any questions.

    Make sure they know the date of your next freezer meal workshop, and ask who they know who might want to attend. And ask if they’re interested in earning some money as a Pampered Chef consultant, or perhaps saving money by hosting a freezer meal workshop or cooking show.

Frequently Asked Questions


It’s a simple concept with lots of appeal! Guests pre-order a selection of our pantry items; the pre-orders are submitted as a catalog show so that the host receives host rewards. Guests receive their pantry items at the workshop; they bring groceries they purchased from a list that you’ve provided.
At the workshop, attendees assemble a variety of entrées (featuring the pantry products they’ve purchased) to take home and freeze. They use Pampered Chef tools as they assemble their own meals, so they’ve experienced their ease and versatility. And when it’s time to thaw and cook a meal, minimal effort is needed to finish up the recipe!


Guests love that they go home with a week’s worth of entrées. They’ve enjoyed prepping their meals in a fun, social atmosphere…and there’s no messy kitchen at home to clean up! The workshop host loves it, too, because she receives host rewards for the pre-ordered items, as well as for orders placed at the workshop.


Freezer meal workshops are attracting new and repeat customers because they meet a practical need for busy people. And because customers pre-order pantry products, you and the host have guaranteed sales and virtually no cancellations. And at each workshop, you can sell more products, book future freezer meal workshops or cooking shows and scout for new team members.


We wanted each pantry flavor to be apparent in the final meal, so the products were carefully chosen to enhance the flavor. Equally important, using too many pantry items in a recipe can make the sodium count add up quickly. Our goal was a balanced meal in which each pantry flavor could shine!


Each recipe serves 6-8. Grocery costs vary across the country, but on average, groceries will cost a little over $100 (including the freezer bags). The cost per serving is only about $2.50.


We wanted to provide a full week’s worth of meals. We also want to provide a good customer experience at the workshop by managing the time it takes to prep the ingredients and assemble the meals. With the recipes serving 6-8, customers with smaller families can choose to divide their meals into two portions for more ready-to-go meals!


Since the guest special purchase requirement varies throughout the year, we decided to keep things simple with three great menu plans that can be used in any month. Here’s a tip: If the pantry pre-order doesn’t reach the guest special purchase minimum, suggest they add a product that they’ll use often at home, or offer some gift-giving ideas.


Food safety is a priority for us! When guests bring meat and poultry in a freezer bag, with it already trimmed of fat or cut into pieces for a recipe’s needs, they will not have to handle raw meat or poultry at the workshop and they’ll save time when assembling their meals.


Double-bagging is the way to eliminate spills and leakage during the recipe prep, as well as when freezing and thawing the meal.


For recipes using ground beef, ground turkey, or sausage, the meat is cooked along with other ingredients such as onion or garlic. Cooking ground meat before freezing creates the individual “crumbles” of meat that contribute to the texture of the finished meal. (While you can freeze the raw ground meat, the finished meal will have a softer, moister consistency.)


The goal is to have a delicious finished meal, so we freeze food items that will have good flavor and texture after thawing. In addition, for recipes that include large amounts of liquid, the liquid is added on the day the meal will be served. This approach means the meals will freeze and thaw more quickly, and take up less space in the freezer. (More information about freezing and thawing can be found in the Freezer Meal Planner with each menu plan.)


We looked for ways to make the finished meal look and taste “fresh” even though it comes from the freezer. Putting the protein in a separate bag from things like veggies is easy to do, and it really makes a difference in the final meal.


The Test Kitchen looked carefully at cooking times, as well as the cooking method that yields the best result for the recipe. While the microwave works well for many meals, it isn’t recommended for cook times longer than 30 minutes, because you don’t want customers to over-tax their microwave oven.


Yes, the recipes can be cooked in other appropriate vessels. And here’s a sales tip: If a customer asks whether they can cook a meal in pieces they already have, you might say, “Of course you can, until you’re able to get a Rockcrok® (or Deep Covered Baker or whatever) of your own.”
And be sure to add this reminder: “Whatever vessel you use, you’ll want to use a food thermometer to be sure the food has reached the correct temperature.” (Point out our Pocket Thermometer!)


The Test Kitchen prepared, froze, thawed and cooked every meal, just like your customers will. We want you to feel confident that every recipe you share has been thoroughly tested for consistently delicious results!


As an independent contractor, you can choose the recipes you will use. When you use the recipes provided by the Test Kitchen, we will have a better ability to have a reliable pantry inventory for your customers.


You can start with the products you have! The new consultant kit comes with important basics, such as the Flexible Cutting Mats, Manual Food Processor, Utility Knife, Microplane® Adjustable Coarse Grater, Garlic Press, and measuring tools. Guests will be happy to share, and you can wash tools during the workshop.

Here are some other tools that the recipes feature:

  • Veggie Wedger
  • Scoop Loop™
  • Smooth-Edge Can Opener
  • Mix ‘N Chop
  • Skillet (12 in.)
  • Rockcrok® Everyday Pan or Dutch Oven

It’s helpful to have multiple Flexible Cutting Mats. Over time, you can add more knives, extra measuring tools, and other products referenced in the recipes. Remember, when you host your own Freezer Meal Workshop, you can use the host rewards to add to your kit. In addition, you can purchase selected products at 40% off on a supply order; look for the current supply order form on Consultant’s Corner; plus, you can use PC Dollars to pay for items on a supply order!

Demonstration Cooking Party

At this kind of party, guests gather to have fun, socialize, and try recipes and products. The consultant is there to demo some of her favorite products or new ones the guests might not be familiar with yet.

Show Talk

School Snacks


Kids’ eating habits will transform right before your eyes when you serve up Butterfly Celery Snacks. Core apples with The Corer™, cut the apple in half crosswise then use the Simple Slicer on #3 setting to slice the apples thin. Fill celery slices with peanut butter or cream cheese then assemble the butterflies with the apple slices and pretzel sticks. Store them in Leakproof Glass Containers for after-school snacks on the fly.


Healthy food doesn’t have to be scary! To make the Mean Green Smoothie, cut two slices from a banana and set aside. Process remaining banana with three pineapple rings cut into chunks, ½ cup yogurt, ½ cup milk, 1 tbsp honey, ½ cup diced honeydew and five drops of green food coloring in Manual Food Processor. Process until smooth. Press a chocolate chip into each of the reserved banana slices for the “eye.” Cut small triangle wedges out of one pineapple ring for “teeth.” Garnish the top of the smoothie with the fruit and watch your monster take shape. Makes two 1-cup servings.


These Apple Cars come together faster than a Formula 1 racecar! Just slice purple grapes in half and use creamy peanut butter to attach the pieces to unpeeled apples sliced with the Apple Wedger. In no time, they’re ready to zoom right into kids’ mouths.


You won’t need to dangle a carrot in front of kids’ noses to get them to gobble up these yummy Carrot Curls. Make this whimsical pinwheel shape by taking a trimmed, peeled carrot and peeling off a strip to create a flat side. Lay the carrot on aCutting Board, flat side down, and use the Vegetable Peeler to peel strips off the carrot. Use even pressure and remember to peel away from you! Roll up the strips, fasten with a toothpick and drop into ice water for 2 – 3 hours to set. Remove the toothpick and fill with seasoned cream cheese or hummus. 


Forget the ice cream! Kids will scream for these Greek Yogurt Pops. Process 2 containers (5.3 oz each) of vanilla Greek yogurt, 2 cups of frozen berries and 1 cup of milk in the Manual Food Processor until coarsely puréed. Pour into 12 (3-oz) paper cups and freeze until slightly set. Insert wooden sticks then freeze until solid. Let the screaming commence.


These sweet, crispy Apple Chips will be the apple of kids’ eyes! Core apples with The Corer™ then slice with the Simple Slicer on #1 setting. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar then microwave on HIGH 3 – 3.5 minutes using the Microwave Chip Maker. Try using the chips as an oatmeal or yogurt topper or mix ’em up with homemade granola.


These tiny toadstools will make kids think they’re in an enchanted forest! Mozzarella & Tomato Mushrooms are so easy to make. Using Professional Shears, cut string cheese into halves or thirds. Top with a sliced cherry tomato, using the Core & More to hollow them out a little first. The Decorator Bottle with a round tip is perfect for piping on cream cheese or mayonnaise dots. Or sprinkle ’em with Parmesan cheese for a whimsical finish.


Kid-Friendly Sammies
For the ultimate crust-less cheese sandwich, seal it with the Cut-N-Seal®. Why not freeze a bunch for the whole week? Place the sealed sandwiches between pieces of wax paper in a Leakproof Glass Container. Thaw for 30 minutes at room temperature and serve. 


Just one more reason your customers need plenty of Twix-it! Clips. They can morph resealable snack bags into butterflies. Divvy up crackers, fruits, veggies, nuts, candies and more inside this adorable lunchbox surprise!


Share with customers that baking tools like the Sheet Pans, Easy Accent® Decorator and Stackable Cooling Rack can turn ho-hum, store-bought cake mixes and frostings into truly special treats for their families — homemade Ding Dongs®! Customers can keep refrigerated for easy after-school treats.


1 package (15.25-16.5 oz) devil’s food cake mix

8 oz sour cream

2 eggs

1 container (8 oz) whipped vanilla frosting

Parchment paper

2 bottles (7.25 oz) “Magic Shell®” chocolate flavored topping

Yield: 22 cakes

Preheat oven to 350°F. Spray Large Sheet Pan with nonstick cooking spray; line with parchment paper. Spray parchment with cooking spray. Whisk cake mix, sour cream and eggs until blended; pour batter into prepared pan. Bake 18-22 minutes or until wooden pick inserted in center comes out clean. Remove from oven to Stackable Cooling Rack; let stand 10 minutes. Remove cake from pan to Large Grooved Cutting Board; cool completely. Cut out 22 rounds from cake using 2 ½-in. Biscuit Cutter. Place cakes in freezer for 10 minutes. Scoop frosting into Easy Accent® Decorator fitted with open star tip. Remove cakes from freezer. Pipe in filling through tops of cakes. Pour chocolate topping into (2-cup/500-mL) Prep Bowl. Dip tops of cakes into topping. Return cakes to freezer for 2-3 minutes for topping to set, if necessary. (Note: For best results, store cakes in refrigerator. Glaze will soften if cakes are left out at room temperature. To set glaze, return to freezer for 1-2 minutes.)

Surprise your little students with this fun back-to-school treat. Melt chocolate-flavored almond bark in Coating Tray, uncovered, 60-90 seconds or until mostly melted; stir until smooth. Dip one side of the graham crackers in bark; use Small Spreader to spread off excess. Immediately arrange pretzel sticks around sides of crackers. Place crackers on Stackable Cooling Rack to allow chocolate to set. Spoon decorating icing into Decorator Bottle fitted with writing tip. Decorate as desired.

It’s a favorite kid food, now in kid-friendly portions! These mac and cheese bites are made in the Muffin Pan for a quick, cheesy after-school snack.
24 paper cupcake liners
1 box (7 oz) prepared macaroni ‘n cheese plus ingredients to prepare
4 oz shredded cheddar cheese
Panko breadcrumbs (optional)
Yield: 12 mac ‘n cheese cups
Preheat oven to 350°F. Place 2 cupcake liners into each cup of Muffin Pan. Prepare macaroni and cheese according to package directions. Scoop mixture evenly into cups; sprinkle evenly with cheese. Top with breadcrumbs, if desired. Bake 12-15 minutes or until firm; remove from oven and let stand 5 minutes. Remove outer cupcake liners and serve.

Crunchy granola and yummy peanut butter meets sweet bananas in a fun after school snack or breakfast on-the-go. These tasty treats on a stick are super kid-friendly. And they’re frozen, so you’ll cool down the kiddos during the hot summer months.
2 cups granola
1 cup creamy peanut butter
1 cup milk
6 large bananas
12 (6-in.) lollipop sticks
Yield: 12 banana pops
Place granola in a large resealable plastic bag; finely crush using flat side of Meat Tenderizer. Pour granola into first Coating Tray. Combine peanut butter and milk in Manual Food Processor; process until smooth and creamy. Pour mixture into second Coating Tray. Slice bananas in half crosswise; insert lollipop sticks into flat ends of bananas. Coat bananas first in peanut butter mixture, then into granola, coating evenly. Place on waxed paper-lined Large Sheet Pan. Place pan in freezer for 30-45 minutes, depending on how “frozen” you like your bananas!

Whoopie pies just might be everyone’s favorite snack cake — they’re a bit nostalgic, but mostly just delicious. Plus, making these giant-sized whoopee pies lets you use a few products you wouldn’t have considered using for dessert (think Egg Cooker and Chef’s Silicone Basting Brush).
½ pkg (15.25-16.5 oz) devil’s food cake mix (about 1 2/3 cup cake mix)
½ cup sour cream
1 egg
½ container prepared whipped vanilla frosting
Yield: 2 pies
Brush Egg Cooker with vegetable oil using Chef’s Silicone Basting Brush. Using Small Mix ‘N Scraper®, mix cake mix, sour cream and egg until blended in Classic Batter Bowl. Using Medium Scoop, scoop 3 rounded scoops of batter into each well. Microwave on HIGH 2-2 ½ minutes or until center is firm and springs back when pressed. Carefully loosen sides with releasing tool of Single Servings Pan. Invert pies onto Stackable Cooling Rack. Wipe out wells of Egg Cooker with damp paper towels. Repeat with oil and remaining cake batter. Cool cakes completely. Frost flat-side of cakes with frosting; top with cake, flat-side down.
Variation 1: Lemon Coconut Whoopie Pies: Substitute lemon cake mix for the devil’s food and prepare cakes as directed. Stir in 1 cup sweetened flaked coconut to frosting and frost whoopie pies as directed.
Variation 2: Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies: Substitute carrot cake mix for the devil’s food and prepare cakes as directed. Substitute prepared cream cheese frosting for the whipped vanilla frosting and frost whoopie pies as directed.
Share with customers that baking tools like the Sheet Pans, Easy Accent® Decorator and Stackable Cooling Rack can turn ho-hum, store-bought cake mixes and frostings into truly special treats for their families — homemade Ding Dongs®! Customers can keep refrigerated for easy after-school treats.

  • 1 package (15.25-16.5 oz) devil’s food cake mix
  • 8 oz sour cream
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 container (8 oz) whipped vanilla frosting
  • Parchment paper
  • 2 bottles (7.25 oz) “Magic Shell®” chocolate flavored topping
Yield: 22 cakes

Share with customers that baking tools like the Sheet Pans, Easy Accent® Decorator and Stackable Cooling Rack can turn ho-hum, store-bought cake mixes and frostings into truly special treats for their families — homemade Ding Dongs®! Customers can keep refrigerated for easy after-school treats.

  • 1 package (15.25-16.5 oz) devil’s food cake mix
  • 8 oz sour cream
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 container (8 oz) whipped vanilla frosting
  • Parchment paper
  • 2 bottles (7.25 oz) “Magic Shell®” chocolate flavored topping
Yield: 22 cakes

Party Time!


Printable Invitations

Station Style Show Recipes

Brownie Pan Fresh Blueberries & Cream Cakes.pdf

Brownie Pan Veggie Quesadilla Cups.pdf

Brownie Pan Double-Chocolate Cheesecake Squares.pdf

Brownie Pan Mini Spinach Lasagna Squares.pdf

Cucumber-Lime Dip.pdf

Deluxe Kit Bruschetta & Zucchini Pasta.pdf 

Deluxe Kit Easy No-Stir Risotto.pdf

Deluxe Kit Quick Chicken Fajitas.pdf

Deluxe Kit Microwave Peanut Butter Caramel Brownies.pdf

Deluxe Kit S'More Cake.pdf

Deluxe Kit Easy Guacamole.pdf

Deluxe Kit Pico De Gallo.pdf

Double-Chocolate Cheesecake Squares

Executive Nonstick 8 Sauté Pan Cherry-Chocolate Skillet Cookie.pdf

Large Bar Pan Cheesy Chicken & Broccoli Squares.pdf

Large Bar Pan Bacon & Artichoke Squares.pdf

Large Bar Pan Chipotle Chicken Nacho Dip.pdf

Large Bar Pan Greek Chicken & Artichoke Flatbread.pdf

Manual Food Processor California Club Nachos.pdf

Manual Food Processor Mini Cheeseburger Pies.pdf

Manual Food Processor Flourless Oatmeal Bars.pdf

Starter Kit Easy Guacamole.pdf

Starter Kit Pico De Gallo.pdf

Starter Kit Easy Skinny Rita.pdf

Starter Kit Everything Citrus Infused Water.pdf

Starter Kit Sparkling White Sangria.pdf

Ultimate Kit Microwave Peanut Butter Caramel Brownies Rockcrok Version.pdf

Ultimate Kit Barbecue Chicken & Coleslaw Wraps.pdf

Ultimate Kit Veggie Nachos Supreme.pdf

Ultimate Kit Cheesy Chicken Nacho Dip.pdf

Ultimate Kit Farmer's Market Pizza.pdf

Ultimate Kit Bruschetta & Zucchini Pasta.pdf

Ultimate Kit Easy No-Stir Risotto.pdf

Ultimate Kit Quick Chicken Fajitas.pdf

Ultimate Kit Grilled Buffalo Chicken Wraps.pdf

Ultimate Kit Pico De Gallo.pdf

Ultimate Kit S'More Cake.pdf

Ultimate Kit Easy Guacamole.pdf

Ultimate Kit Easy Skinny Rita.pdf

Ultimate Kit Everything Citrus Infused Water.pdf

Ultimate Kit Sparkling White Sangria.pdf

Station Style Show Cards

New Consultant Kit Product Cards.pdf

New Consultant Kit Show Outline and Recipe Cards.pdf

New Consultant Show Outline Recipes Cards prior.pdf

New Consultant Kit Mini Show Outline Cards prior.pdf

Station-Style Shows Crostini with Lemon-Basil Ricotta Spread.pdf

Station-Style Shows Grape, Rosemary & Brie Grilled Flatbread.pdf

Station-Style Shows Bread Bowl with Kale & Artichoke Dip.pdf

Station-Style Shows Easy Tortilla Bowl & Apple Berry Salsa.pdf

Station-Style Shows Easy Tortilla Bowl & Mexican Street Corn Salsa.pdf

Station-Style Shows Jerk Chicken Nachos.pdf

Station-Style Shows Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Braid.pdf

Station-Style Shows Mexican Quinoa Bowl.pdf 

Freezer Meals Workshop

Freezer Meal Menu 1.pdf
Freezer Meal Menu 7.pdf

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