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Team Meeting Recap-October 2012

Looking for a topic we covered in a past meeting?  Check the Team Meeting Archives for ideas and topics we covered in the past!

For those of you who miss the monthly team meetings or can't make it to one, we will post a recap of the meeting on this page.  This is a great tool to get a little extra information every month about what you should be focusing on.

Next local team meeting: Denver: Wednesday October 24th 7:00pm
Theme: Party in a bag, Generating Excitement, Stoneware, Booking Ideas

Notes from October Colorado Springs Team Meeting

Generating Excitement

Ask your host "What could you really get excited about?  We have all these amazing theme shows that we can do at your party, what would get your friends excited?"

   -When your host is excited, she gets more people to her party, generating better results

   - When doing theme shows ask the guests "Is there an expert in the room?" and then allow them to talk about what they know. That way you get the guests more involved in the party and talking amongst themselves instead of just taking your word for it

The First Person you have to get excited is YOURSELF!

Party in a Bag

You can use this to call up leads from Farmer's Markets or events that you have done, or just call up people you know!  

Call and say "you were one of the winners of our free cooking shows!"  What is a free cooking show?  A free cooking show is where the consultant provides: ingredients for recipe, sends out invitations, brings the paper products.  "All you have to do is give me a list of 40 people you want me to invite!"

When you advertise this at your shows (if you are in desperate need for bookings or want to fill a few more slots on your calendar for a specific month) you can say to your guests "Has anybody found anything in the catalog that they can't go home with tonight that you would like to get for half off?" 

Party in a bag- get a gift bag from the dollar store and fill it with themed plates (also usually available at the dollar store), napkins, invitations, host special, and talk about having a theme show.  When the bag is empty don't forget to talk about the shopping spree for the host! (free products and discounted products)  

Show Outline/Placemat Cheat Sheet

Get a placemat or the PC pastry mat and on the back side put an outline of what you want to say at specific points in your show so you don't forget to talk about cookware or cutlery, and you don't have to memorize all the facts.

It is okay for everyone to see our framework, and in fact can be a recruiting tool because it makes your job look easier and people are more likely to say "I can do that" if you have notes as to if you memorize everything.

Some people have outlines for the full service check out so the don't forget to cover anything, or use the Landscape binder for new consultants (cooking show outline binder) for quick and easy reference.  

Booking Shows while at your Party and Recruiting Ideas

One idea is to take a catalog and mark everything that came in the starter kit in green.  Then in another color, mark everything you received for your first 90 days, then in another color mark everything you received for being your own host so people can see how many products you get.  If you can't remember your first 90 days, mark the items you got for free from doing a vendor event or a farmer's market.  People want to know how they are going to get bookings and become successful.  Make sure to include your paycheck too!  "One misconception is that we are paid in products.  We have the privilege of earning products and a paycheck!

Offer Cookies shows for the holidays or do a cookie exchange show.  Bake on stoneware and metal bakeware to allow guests to taste the difference for themselves

Gift wrapping shows- after the December cut off for shipping, borrow inventory from your director if you don't have it yourself and bring it to your shows.  The guests bring the wrapping paper and purchase products right at your show to take home that night!  Then you simply order everything back in to restock the inventory!

Ask all of your friends to have a show.  Do not pre judge anyone because they don't like to cook or don't know how to cook.  Even those people who don't like to cook still have to cook sometimes!  

Secret Santa- Give your guests a wish list (found on our Christmas Theme Show Page ) and tell them that you will be contacting their husbands so they can get the items that they want for Christmas.

Showcase higher price items at your show and mention getting half by having a show of their own.  If you only bring lower price items to your show then people will be able to simply purchase everything at the show and there will be no further draw to have a show of their own to get higher price items. 

Make a poster of some of your past hostesses and put pictures of everything that they got for free or discount, pictures speak louder than words.  

Mention the hostesses goal at the beginning of the show

Pass out the three month flyer to all of the guests so that they can see what they can get over the next few months.  (Three month flyer can be found on the home page

Keep a catalog in your car and in your gym bag.  When someone notices that you sell Pampered Chef (due to you mentioning it or wearing your logo wear) GET THEIR INFORMATION FIRST and then give them a catalog, that way you can follow up with them later.


Hot Dog Story- How many of you have eaten a hot dog cooked in the microwave where one end blew up and the other end was shriveled?  How many of you have eaten a boiled hot dog that was kind of gray and the water looked questionable?  Now how many of you have eated a juicy plump hot dog that has been slowly roasted at a ball park?  What made it taste so good?  It was even cooking and it was cooked with hot air.  Stoneware cooks with convection.

Do you remember the telephone game you used to play as a child where you would attach two cups together with a string and one person would talk into one end and the other would listen into the other end.  The molecules would travel slowly across the string to the other side.  This is how glass and metal cookware cooks your food.  The heat slowly travels from the outter edges of the pan towards the middle and you can't help getting burned or overcooked edges so that the inside can be completely cooked.  Stoneware is porous wich allows the heat to travel through the stoneware easily.  

Stoneware is stone-  1.3% of stoneware made has a fissure in it, wich is a natural occurance that comes simply because it is made of stone.  When this happens, your stone will crack within the first 5 times of use.  Most stone does not have any flaws in it.  There are two other ways to crack your stone 1. dropping it 2. Thermal shocking.  Thermal Shocking occurs more than when you simply take a hot pan and put it under cold water.  It can occur when you place food down the center of your pan and leave the edges bare.  The outside edges get hot while the inside stays cool as it draws heat out of the food.  This causes a temperature difference between the outside and inside of the stone and causes it to crack.  Stoneware is not the only type of cookware that is suseptible to thermal shock.  Does anyone have the topsy turvey cake pans that no longer lie flat on the counter.  That is caused by thermal shock and the molecules separated to different sides of the pan.  When glass is thermal shocked it can crack or shatter.

The Soap Controversy- What is soap?  Why do we have anti-bacterial soap?  It is because soap is a slip agent not a sanitizer.  What sanitizes your dishes? It is hot water, and it is hot water that sanitizes the stone.  We are simply providing a different slip agent: the pan scraper.  For those of you who can't stand to think of not washing your stoneware you can use any natural cleaner such as: lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda, and salt.  You can even put your stoneware in the dishwasher just don't add soap!  

40 Minutes to Fabulous-for people who want to get up and go!

What is your monthly goal? (shows, leads, slaes, recruits)

To be a non-stressed director you need to do at least 6-8 shows a month

How many contacts do you ask a week to host a show?

   -ask everyone

   -offer the business as a short term contract for people wanting to get out of debt for the holidays

How many mini catalogs have you handed out in the past 2 weeks?

What have you done since the last meeting?

How many shows have you booked for next month?

Come away with two bookings from every show

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