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Top 10 Things to start your business in a hurry!

(33:40 minutes)

New Consultant Training by Christina Maniscalco

New Consultant Training Works alongside with PCU
Welcome to your New Business

New Team Members by Cindy Massey-Lazor

72 Hour Difference-New Consultants Strong Start Outline by Cherie Crider White

How to Kick Start Your Business!

Welcome to the All Star Team by National Executive Director Deena Hiltbrand
When you get a new recruit, help them kick start their business by putting them through this little program.  Want to give your own business a boost?  Put yourself through this program!

F~ Friends

R~ Relatives

A~ Associates(Anybody you work with or went to school with)

N~ Neighbors.  to the right of you, to the left of you, behind you

K~ Kids, (anybody that you know through your kids or sports

S~ Spouse or significant other


I have them write down the names of three people from each list that they know (very quickly , first names only) 3-4 minutes.


Then I have them write down A,B,or C next to each name.  A's are the people who they know will book a show, B's are people they aren't sure if they will book a show and C's are people they are pretty sure will tell them NO to a show!


I tell them that they get to choose who to call first, their A's first or their C's first.  After they have called all 18 names in the next 24 hours we will talk again.  


I then call them and Congratulate them on their SUCCESS.


I tell them to cross reference their FRANKS LIST.  Call your Friends relatives, your relatives associates, your Associates neighbors, your relatives neighbors, etc.


It gets them off to a STRONG START........

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