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Help Whip Cancer

  • By Julie Gizzi: I wanted to help with verbiage to book, WHO to book, how to make packets AND how to set your May sales goals. Enjoy!
These need to cook and cool, they would be great to bring to a HWC party.

Here is a great game to play at your parties, sound like a game show host and have a little prize for the winner!
Invented by Jennifer Kirkpatrick

I created this fun little game to play at my May shows to give everyone a good laugh and to get the facts out there to my guests!  Trust me they will remember after this game!  The best part is that you've done your part to raise awareness for early detection of the disease of Breast Cancer.

Here’s how we play:   At the beginning of my show I let them know that this month it’s all about saving the Ta-Ta’s!   I am honored to be part of a Company that is dedicated to raising funds for cancer education and early detection programs.    After all,   knowledge is power!  Since 2002,  The Pampered Chef with our the help of our customers have raised more than $7.9 million dollars!

During my show tonight you will have an opportunity to get exclusive pink products for the girlie girl in you,  and when you purchase these products you’ll be helping to WHIP CANCER.   $1 from your purchase goes straight to the ACS and boy do those dollars add up!  Remember,  $7.9 million dollars?!

I then show all of the products and Ohh and Ahh over them.  I give the item numbers.    I let them know if they write them all down now they can decide quantity later and/or mark off any they choose not to purchase.   But,  the numbers will all be there for them to decide.   Everyone who purchases at least one gets a HWC pin from me.   I tell them to listen up because I am going to be giving out a lot of facts about breast cancer to do my part to save the Ta-Ta’s and they will want to try and remember because we will be playing  a fun game at the end of the show!

So………during the show I proceed to sprinkle facts in with my demo.

At the end,  I say,   Thank you for making a difference!  Now let’s play  TA-TA– Trivia!!!!(I really draw out the title like a game show host.)

1.       Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women,  what is the first?  (SKIN)

2.        If caught in the first ____ years, Breast Cancer has a ____% of survival?  (5 years and 98%)  **This one is worth possible 2 points

3.        One in how many women has a chance of getting breast cancer in their lifetime?  (One in eight women.)

4.        How much does The Pampered Chef donate to the ACS from each Exclusive HWC product purchased this month?   ($1)

5.        Since our campaign began in 2000 how much money have we raised for breast cancer research and detection programs?  (7.9 million)

6.         The best protection against Breast Cancer is what?   (I take self checks,  mammograms, early detection all as answers.)

7.        True or False…..Most cases of Breast Cancer occur in families where there is a family history?  (False,  less than 1% of breast cancers occur in a family with a history of the disease.)

Then I have them add up their scores,  there is a possibility of 8 total points.  I have a pink gift for them or a Mini Whipper with Pink Ribbon.   These are just the questions that I use,  but be creative and have fun with it!   This is a serious disease,  but a light hearted way to get our message to our customers!   Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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