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Summer Show Ideas

(by Jennie Coutanche)

Ice Cream Express for Moms & Kids        
Ask host to have 10 adults in attendance and welcome their children. Bring a teenager with you to babysit and while the kids and sitter make mini-sundaes, you do a simple show demonstrating adult sundaes (Mango Salsa Sundaes or create a Sundae Bar) in another room. At the end of your show, make the following offer: “In the next 3 days if you collect 3 orders or $75 in sales you will receive a free ________ !” (ideas: Ice Cream Scoop outdoor party items).

10-10-10 Show
Tell potential hosts: “Gather 10 friends, I'll take 10 minutes and show 10 products”.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game
With tournament baseball games, and soccer and football practices beginning, simply drive to your local ball field, pull out a card table, or just open your tail gate, set out a couple products and promote your business: new faces = new business!

Farmer's Market Booths
Call the Chamber of Commerce in your local communities to find out where the Farmer's Markets are and who to contact.  Ask to be scheduled as a booth. Bring ice cubes to demo the Ice Cream Dipper and metallic confetti in water to demo the Quick Stir Pitcher.

Capitalize on Catalogue Clutter
Every time you leave the house take 5 catalogues. Don't go home until they are gone!!


Gym Shows

Ask your gym if you can set up a display for a few hours one day during a busy period.  Have a draw for “a free healthy cooking class for YOU AND 15 to 20 OF YOUR CLOSEST FRIENDS!”  You would provide the ingredients for a recipe (like the Strawberry Spinach Salad) and they would reap the rewards of being a host with FREE, discounted & half-priced items!

Advertise Theme Shows on your Website
- offer these service options on your website under "My Calendar"

How about a Lunch Hour Quickie? (Cooking Show that is!)
Location: Your office lunchroom!
Date: July 2/2008 – July 31/2008
Your Community Event/Fair
Location: Your Hometown
Date: July 2/2008 – Aug.31/2008

Most important, follow up on those leads - The fortune is in the follow up!

Supporting Documents

How to Have a Successful Summer

You CAN work when the children are home!

      Set up an ‘office box’ filled with office supplies and an old telephone.  Kids can play ‘office’ while you’re working at home on your business!

      Purchase or rent special DVDs that can only be played while you’re working.

·     Make your calls in the morning hours when the temperature is cooler.

      Have a ‘signal’ or object that determines when you are on a business call.  This will alert your children not to disturb you unless it’s a true emergency.

Preventing Postponements and Cancellations

      Offer your hostess a special gift when she holds her show on the original date.

·     When planning the show with your hostess, reassure her that because of ‘summer schedules’, her attendance may not be as high as she wanted, but that no matter how many people attend her show, it will be a great one.

      When a hostess does call and wishes to reschedule, determine the real reason!  It may be something that you can help her to overcome!  Remind her of the special ‘original date’ gift!

      If the show must be rescheduled, accept it and spend the time with your family!

Managing Your Family’s Summetime Schedule

      Post a weekly schedule with areas marked for working, housework, and recreation.  Include phone numbers where you can be reached at your shows.

      Set activity goals with your family that when all the ‘work’ is done (without a lot of complaining!), the family can attend the weekly activities.  These can include the park, the beach, a trip to the movies, a visit to Baskin-Robbins, etc.

      Set business hours; leave a message on your machine stating the best time to reach you and when you’ll be returning calls.

“I’ve Got That Lazy Summertime Feeling.”

      Work with a daily/weekly work and reward system!  Set daily and weekly goals and when you achieve them, reward yourself!

      Schedule the bulk of your shows into the first two weeks of the month so you’ll have the rest of the month off!

      Spend one day a month doing all of your ‘busy work’: stamping catalogs, making hostess packets, filing, wrapping door prizes, gifts, etc.  Put together ‘show bags’ with all the items you need to do each show and mark with hostess’ name and directions to the home; this saves you from preparation the day of the show.

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