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Grill Pan Show

"Got something new for the 20 one two..........."

"You gotta wrap it up, lets wrap it up...."

"Wraps your way, chicken wraps your way"

"It's a wrap... We out!"
Check out the company's "Wrap it Up" video!

Grill Pan
Effective Selling Phrases: “Cookware has improved so much over the years, and The Pampered
Chef ® Executive cookware has the latest technology to give you the best cooking results with effortless clean-up.”

Booking/Recruiting Phrases: “If you love the cookware, host a Show and I’ll help you get twelve
pieces at 50% off. And that will be in addition to all of the free products you can earn!”

Grill Press:

Effective Selling Phrases: “The Grill Press can be used at every meal. Press bacon for breakfast, make a Panini for lunch and then use it for chicken breasts, burgers or vegetables for dinner.”
Booking/Recruiting Phrases: “If you love the Grill Press and our cookware, host a Show and I’ll help you get twelve pieces of Cookware at 50% off and the Grill Press for free!”

Behold the Possibilities

Grilled Peaches?  You better believe it!  Grill up some fruit for your favorite salad!

Grill your veggies on the stove!

The Grill Pan can even toast your bread!  Make yummy bruschetta without even turning on the oven!

"Sandwiches are beautiful, sandwiches are fine!  I like sandwiches, I eat them all the time!  I eat them for my supper and I eat them for my lunch, if I had a hundred sandwiches I'd eat them all at once!"

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