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Fundraiser Bingo by Sha Estes

Outside Order Form

Here is an example of how to take the company outside order forms and turn them into a fundraiser order form.  Courtesy of Suzette Brandsrud

Fundraisers From Start to Finish by Juli Gizzi

 As consultants our “bread and butter” is always going to be the Cooking Show.  People love to get together to experience the mix of the food, products and friends.  But another option we can provide as a service to our customers is a Fund Raiser.


Host of fund raisers give up their host benefits.  They can order the monthly special since they are the “fund raiser chairperson.”  The company will donate 10-15% of the sales to the non-profit organization….10% when sales are under $600 and 15% when sales are $600+. 


As consultants we earn 15% commission on all fund raisers.  Consultants who have $15,000 in career sales earn 17%.


We also earn FULL points toward incentive trips, Top Performance Cluster Awards and  career sales.  Imagine earning a dream vacation by doing a handful of good fund raisers along a consistent Cooking Show schedule!


Who is Interested in Fund Raisers?

Everyone!  ANY group that is looking for a way to raise money!  Some examples include marching bands, schools, sports teams, church groups, sorority groups, professional women’s organizations, American Cancer Society, foster parent groups, anyone raising money to attend a trip (as long as they’re linking to a non-profit…example:  teens raising money to go on a trip to France WITH their chorus), pom squads, pre-schools, etc.



What types of fund raisers are there?

All fund raisers are processed the same way in Pampered Partner.  There is no distinction between Cooking Show fund raisers or Catalog Show fund raisers.    Some groups prefer one style over the other and some like to do both simultaneously.  For groups interested in both suggest that the organization’s members come to the Cooking Show Fund Raiser as a “pep rally” to get everyone excited.  At the end of the Cooking Show give everyone a packet and send them with a challenge to go out and each collect a specific amount in orders.  Have the requested goal be a stretch but not so hard that they aren’t motivated.  I think a good goal is to shoot for $100 in orders.  Just think if there are 15 members that’s $1500 in sales.


What goes in a packet?

For smaller organizations I like to create packets that include a letter stating the group’s goal, 2-3 catalogs and 10 order forms.  Use the “Outside Order Forms” as provided by the home office.   Place a label on the outside of each packet that includes the following:


Pampered Chef Fund Raiser

Supporting Grand Mesa Soccer

Make checks payable to:______________

Submit all orders to _________ by  (date)

Products will be delivered by (Date…estimate 3 weeks after order due date)


I suggest using a large label…about 4” x 2”  (they come about 8-10 per sheet)


Be sure to have the members write their names on the outside of the packet AND on the order forms to make sorting easier in the end. 


Can I solicit for bookings?

Yes!  Consider putting a label on the outside of every catalog that says:  “Want to Support your organization’s fund raiser even more?  Call today to schedule your own Cooking Show!”


You could even make customer care calls thanking people for their orders and asking the above question.  For every booking that is recorded in Pampered Partner the Home Office will give an addition $3 per booking!  Be sure that these are legitimate!!  “Maybes” don’t help you build your business!  You might even agree to donate an additional $7 for every booking once a qualified show has been held….so that’s $10 per booking for the organization!


What about delivery?

Arrange to have the products delivered to one of the member’s houses.  Make yourself available to help in the sorting process.  When the fund raiser is smooth from start to finish the host is much more likely to do it again.  Sorting through $3000 worth of products will seem like a huge task for a host who isn’t familiar with our products, but for you it won’t take nearly as long.


What about doing fund raisers with large groups?

When doing fund raisers with any group of over 30-50 members you’re looking at a potentially large fund raiser.  These are almost always done best as catalog fund raisers.  There are many things you’ll want to consider doing differently.  Recommendation:  Before attempting to do a fund raiser for an entire school be sure you understand completely how this works!  Try working with some smaller groups to gain the experience you’ll need to do something large scale. Don’t be afraid to ask your director for help!


How do you “sell” the idea of using Pampered Chef for a fund raiser?

Think of it as another booking.  Not everyone you approach will go for it.  Large groups tend to choose fund raising companies that offer 50% of the total sales to the organization.  Primarily, we are not a fund raising company.  We cannot compete with this and really the “bread and butter” of what we do is connect with people in home settings where we really get to serve our customers.  Here’s the key:  Chair persons of large fund raisers need to be convinced to see that our products are products that people want anyway, the prices are not inflated and because of the brand recognition it will be generally well-received by the potential customers.


Large-scale fund raisers usually involve children, such as school groups.  For this reason asking children to accurately sell products and add shipping/tax is enough reason for PTAs to view the fund raiser as complicated, thus not doing it at all.


So, how to address the challenges of low percentage earnings and order forms that are difficult for kids?


First,  I recommend that you offer to donate 10% of your commissions to the organization.  If the cause is near and dear to you give more.  Giving back to our community is such a gift!  Your donation is a tax write-off.  Imagine all that you have to gain!  The huge sales will really help you earn the incentive trip of your dreams and as a result you’ll gain a great amount of exposure for your business.


 What about internet orders?

Set up the show on your personal website.  Orders can be placed by anyone in the country and will be direct shipped to the customer when needed.  Customers will pay additional direct shipping charges. 


What first?

Once the fund raiser is schedule create a time line.  I like to start fund raisers on a Friday ending on a Monday, running about 10 days, so that the group has 2 weekends to collect orders.  So keeping that in mind here’s what you need to do (be aware some tips pertain to school fundraisers):


  1. Order enough catalogs and get them all stamped.  1 catalog per member plus a few extras.  This can cost quite a lot.  You can figure that about ½ your catalogs will come back to you.  You might also ask the organization if they have money in their budget to cover the cost up front, but I don’t personally think this is the best way.
  2. Ask the organization to provide all materials for the packets.  You provide catalogs.  Each packet will include:  1 catalog envelop, 10 outside order forms, a parent letter, label for the outside and 1 catalog.
  3. Ask the organization to assist in assembling the packets.  Very important:  Ask that a second label with every child’s name/teacher be placed on the upper right-hand corner of the envelop.  The school office can provide this.
  4. Send home a letter with the students a few days before the packet goes home letting parents know that a fund raiser with the Pampered Chef will begin within a few days.
  5. Schedule a 10-15 minute “pep rally” with the group.  Usually a teacher or PTA presidents leads it to get the kids excited.  You should be present to show support.
  6. Be sure your personal schedule is completely clear for at least 3 full days when the packets get returned and again when you expect that products will be delivered.  The work during this time CANNOT be delegated to the point where you’re not involved!


 What to do on the day orders are returned.

Be there bright and early!  With the help of school representatives separate all the orders forms and money.  DO NOT do this at your home!  Do it right there where there’s no room for anyone to wonder if all the money was turned in.   Double check that each child’s name is at the top of every order, mark the orders as paid. Don’t bother checking the math, just mark that the check or cash they gave matches what they wrote as their grand total.  Staple every child’s group of orders together and keep every teacher’s group of students’ orders together.  Put them in one of the envelops and label the outside so you know that this envelop includes “Mrs. Jones’ total orders.”  Keep going until you’ve gone through everything you have. 


You’ll repeat the same process going to the school for another 2 mornings.


For example if you close the show on a Monday, expect orders to continue trickling in until Wednesday morning.   Get a check from the organization Wednesday afternoon and transmit as soon as possible.  The Pampered Chef’s finance department usually takes 1 week to charge your debit care.  You might confirm that before transmitting since you want to be sure the funds are available in your bank before to hit “send.’


 What about Order Discrepancies?

There will be errors.  The order forms are simple and there probably won’t be many mistakes.    Since all the orders for each class are in their own big envelop here’s the easiest way to track errors.  On the front of the envelop write down the name of customer/phone, student name and the details of the discrepancy.  After you’ve completed processing the entire class call those who owe more.  I generally don’t bother unless the mistake is more than $1.  Since the PTA will write you the check in the end for exactly the total this discrepancy will not come out of your pocket, rather it comes from theirs.  So perhaps ask the PTA how they want you to handle this.  Most of the time a simple call to the customer means they can send money with the student to school the next day.  Just ask that they note which student/teach the extra cash goes to.


How to track what each student sold

On the back of every envelop write the names of each student with the total sale from their orders.  The PTA will want this information for any incentive they may offer.


After you send the order
1.  Watch your Shipping Tracker online to see that the order posts and begins the picking/shipping process.  Watch for a delivery date.


2.   Mail receipts to the internet orders being direct-shipped.


3.   Form a team of volunteers to help sort.  Your best options are PC consultants/former consultants or past hosts.  Those who are familiar will get the job done quickest!


What about orders that come in after the deadline?

Expect it to happen.  Put them all together for another show about a week later.  This time it will all be together.  Just be sure to list the child’s name and teacher name on the receipts.


How to sort something like this

Use a large room like a cafeteria or gym.  Unpack all the boxes and separate into product categories.  Right away assign a couple people to check all the stoneware for breakage.


When sorting have the most experienced PC fans stand at a station covering a couple categories.  Volunteers take a box and a receipt and go through the line to fill the order.  Once finished another person double-checks the order bags it, includes the receipt and staples a note on the outside (see below) sorting them all by class.


Arrange to have a pick-up day when parents can pick up.  For families where this is a hardship, consider having volunteers bring the products to the student’s home.  Most students live within 2 miles of the school, so this shouldn’t take long.


Students who collected small orders could take them home on the bus.  However, this could pose a problem when knives are being ordered.  Just something to consider. 


How much time will this take?

For a show of $20,000 expect to spend about 7 hours sorting through packets and another 25 hours on the computer.  Promptly submitting the order is key to keep the process moving quickly.  This part is all up to you!! Work hard and quickly.  Plan a full day with a team of 8-10 people to separate orders when they arrive.


Do you have to offer prizes?

No.  Ask the organization if an incentive program is important to them.  If it is ask if they can come up with a program that is fair.  Encourage them to consider prizes that are free.  Does someone know someone who has a limo?  Would the limo driver be willing to support the cause by donating a limo ride to the top 6 sellers and a teacher?  They could get a ride to McDonald’s for lunch.  Maybe another supporter could donate enough to buy the Happy Meals! 


Another idea:  the PTA for the fund raiser I did with a school used prizes they had left-over from a carnival.  Prizes were inexpensive from Oriental Trading Company.  The students earned “funny money” and could spend it on a store that was created for them at the school.


Set a realistic school wide goal.  Let the kids know when the goal is achieved the whole school will get ice cream at a recess.  See about getting inexpensive ice cream cups through the school district.  Again, the school can pay for it.


Our commission isn’t so huge that we can offer lots toward the prizes, so make creative suggestions.


What is a “realistic” sales goal for a school?

Figure ½ the students will participate and collect an average of $50-75 each.  That’s modest and realistic.  Certainly fund raisers timed for the fall when people are shopping for holiday gifts will be higher than a fund raiser in the spring.



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