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Pampered Chef Virtual Party Host Guide

Cinch Share Tutorial by Kari shared by Sha Estes

Facebook Party Training by Sha Estes

Facebook Shows

Great to post on your Facebook Page: By Joni Laughlin
Pick SIX
1. First name of 5 friends
2. Sweet or savory?
3.Fav Drink?
4. Least busy day/night of the week?
5.Product you want

Wow!  You are awesome!  You just did the HARDEST part of hosting a party!  You know who to invite, what we will eat and drink, which night of the week works best for you and what products you want for free!

6. Your Party date


Facebook Show Game from Lesli Crenshaw

* Watch the video at this link:

* Pay attention to what products they show/use in the demonstration (HINT: 11 items).

* Find the products on my website:

* Calculate the cost of each item and comment on the total price calculated and which item is your favorite.

* Winner will receive $5.00 off their order

Another game shared by Lesli Crenshaw


(OR, you can send something similar to your list of contacts)



Are you on Facebook?  I challenge you to a GREEN LIGHT SPECIAL!


This idea comes from Director Tonya VanTol. She is PRIVATELY messaging contacts on FB...she deliberately chooses people who have a "green dot" next to their name in the lower right...meaning they are ON FB at that moment. She sends them a private message that says:

"Hey girl (or Hey there, or whatever greeting you want to use!) ! I am sending out some December packets with just one catalog and some orders forms! Collect $150 in orders and pick any item or set in our catalog for 60% off!! Would you like me to send you one?!" THAT's IT!



The gal who started this booked 18 catalog shows in 2 days! Nina Bowling has already sent out 15 packets, Shirley Veilleux has sent out 10!  How many do you want?

The packet, with 1 catalog, 2 sheets of order forms and a letter will cost about $2.00 in postage to send! What have you got to lose???

And remember, this isn't a general "post" on your page. You're privately messaging people, and they are messaging you back! Remember that you can "cut and paste" the verbiage into your message to save time!!





I will soon be sending out your catalog and order forms, along with our December host and customer specials!  When you collect $150 in orders you can select ANY item (or SET) in our entire catalog at 60% OFF! No exclusions!  However, when you collect $650 in orders, you will also get a FREE Trifle Bowl, plus many other benefits (see the attached flyer).  I will be calling you to share ideas to help you get the most orders possible.



IN ADDITION, I will be setting your show up on my website so your friends can place orders directly on your show.  You can send the email below to your friends to give them the link to your party. 


Consultants - Remember to change everything to your host’s information before sending to him/her:


<banner stocking.jpg>




<bevs to go bag holiday.jpg><holiday gift giving products.jpg><holiday trifle bowls.jpg>

Shop NOW through December 5

by going to her SHOPPING LINK:

If on Beta Site, put the URL Link to the show here

(when on the show page information, click on “Show Page” and scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the link)


<wine glasses.jpg><turtle fudge skillet cake pic.jpg><image011.jpg>




QUESTIONS?  Contact:



Now that everyone is having such a great response with the GREEN DOT FB catalogs shows, let’s work on getting some live shows from them.  Here’s what you might want to do and also teach your team to do.


1.   Once the catalog show is booked, try to up the ante to a LIVE show so they can get the trifle bowl for FREE.  Let them know a live show generally yields higher sales so it will be easy to reach that $650 level, and you still have a couple of dates open.  If they choose not to do a live show, coach them heavily on at least getting to the $300 or $400 level so they can get more half-items and FREE products too.


2.   If they absolutely can’t do a live show in December, then let them know that the January special is going to be AMAZING.  Let them know they can even take advantage of two of the 60% items in January because you will rebook them on their December catalog party, and then when they have their LIVE show in January, they will get one of the items as a Past Host, and one as the new Host. Of course, they can book another catalog party, but I wouldn’t even mention or offer that unless it’s a last resort.


I really believe this is going to help everyone get their January booked solid with LIVE shows, and we all know that what happens in January sets the tone for the entire year.
Consultants cannot take their own photos of our products and create their own advertisements and promotional materials like flyers, brochures, etc. If you wanted to take a single photo, share it on your social networking page and make a comment about it, that is fine.

We don’t know what the intended use is for these types of flyers and collage images that are created by Consultants. Anything created by a Consultant reflects on the Pampered Chef brand, therefore we must have guidelines in place. This is why we highly recommend that Consultants share and post the images and flyers that are provided by The Home Office on Consultants Corner, or our corporate Facebook page.

Thank you,

Richard Laiche

This means that HO does not want us creating bridal shower flyers, Red Stamp invitations, or any flyers like that with our own pictures. He said that using our own pictures on social media is fine, but not is promotional and advertising flyers or literature. Are you all aware of this and are you training your teams on this?
Christie Frimel McDaneld

There was a guy named Richard in Career Solutions who was telling Consultants we couldn't make collages with our OWN Photos. I e-mailed him for clarification on April 23rd & he confirmed that the information was correct. Since his theory made ZERO sense ... so I went over his head. On April 24th I contacted a supervisor in Career Solutions & asked her to review what he was telling consultants. After a much long needed debate among Home Office personnel, here's their response:

Hi Sheila,

Thank you for your patience in allowing me to research and discuss the attached. I’m happy to let you know that the attached photos may be used.

Basically, you can take photos of Pampered Chef recipes that you have made, you may also make your own recipe using Pampered Chef products, as long as you clearly identify that the recipe is NOT a Pampered Chef recipe, for example, you might say something as simple as Sheila’s Recipe Collection or Recipes by Sheila.

It is also acceptable to create a collage of Pampered Chef photos as long as the actual photo is not altered in any way.

Finally, I know that you and I discussed banners for your Facebook page several weeks ago. You probably have already seen them, but if not, be sure to check out the Corporate Facebook page for several selections that may work for you.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thank you,


Kathy Genitoni
Manager, Consultant Career Solutions

Here is a great website that summs up the best ways to share social media, legalities, and the proper ways to do it.

Here are some great pictures to post on your facebook shows to help get people involved.

I just recorded a 28 minute call on STEP by STEP on how to set up a Facebook show:
Dial - (641) 715-3407
Enter Access Code - 170563# -- 6#

I make sure to include the Welcome note the first day, the host special one of the first days, the brownie pan another day, the covered baker another day, the Host your own FB show one day, the picture of the 30 different products, a recruiting flier, a fall recipe or fun food fact, 2 days left picture, clock picture of time is running out and the final thank you picture.

Word to the wise about overbooking yourself. While it may come as a shock to many overbooking yourselves with Facebook shows can cause craziness. I do not typically recommend hosting more than 10 at a time. We as consultants owe it to our hosts to give each one our best. If we have too many we may neglect one or two and someone may fall through the cracks. If you have a system in place GREAT. Go for it. But remember Facebook shows deserve the same attention as cooking show when it comes down to host coaching, welcoming and followup. Don't limit your number of shows but instead break them down into groups by date. 10 days is the suggested term consider some even being shorter. Hope this helps!

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