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The 72 Hour Difference original call
Below picture provided by Kelly Price

Consultant 1: Does 1 show per week and is an average consultant with $450* in sales per show for a total of $1,800 in commissionable sales per month.


Monthly sales: $1,800 x 20% commission                                             $360

3 % Sales bonus for selling $1,250-$2,499 in one month                      $54

Total Income                                                                                              $414


Consultant 2: Same as consultant 1 but has $15,000 in career sales and receives 22% base commission:


Monthly sales: $1,800 x 22% commission                                             $396

3% Sales bonus for selling $1,250-$2,499 in one month                       $54

Total Income                                                                                                 $450


Consultant 3: Same as consultant 2 but has 1 active recruit and is a Senior Consultant (assuming recruit submits one average show per month of $450)


Monthly sales: $1,800 x 22% commission                                          $396

3% Sales bonus for selling $1,250-$2,499                                          $54

Extra 1% override on personal sales                                                   $18

1% override on recruit sales                                                                $4.50

Total Income:                                                                                      $472.50


Consultant 4: Same as consultant 2 but has 2 active recruits becomes a Team Leader.  Assuming each consultant has 1 average show a month for a total of $900 in team sales)


Monthly Sales: $1,800 x 22% commission                                         $396

3% Sales bonus for selling $1,250-$2,499                                          $54

Extra 2% override on personal sales                                                   $36

2% override on team sales                                                                  $18

Total Income                                                                                       $504


Consultant 5: Same as consultant 2 but has five team members and became a director: assuming team sells $3,200 for a total of $5,000 in team sales ($1,800+$3,200=$5,000)


Monthly sales: $1,800 x 22% commission                                               $396

3% Sales bonus for selling $1,250-$2,499 in one month                        $54

Extra 3% override on personal sales                                                       $54

3% override on team sales                                                                      $96

Activity bonus ($10 per active consultant x 5 consultants)                     $50

Total Income:                                                                                        $650


All this for spending 1 night a week out.  Which one do you want to be?*The national average is $450 per show Designed by Robbie Van Noitwick, updated and expanded by Jenna Martinich

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