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Tips and Tricks for you Cooking Shows!

Full Service Checkout Placemat by Jennie Garnie

Full Service Check Out: Tonight I’ll be offering you a Full Service Check Out and what that means is I’ll be offering you some information to take home and look over in the privacy of your own home about our income earning opportunity with The Pampered Chef…for you or maybe someone you know who is looking to earn some extra income or who needs a kitchen make over! I’ll also be offering you information on how to fill your kitchen with FREE, ½ Price and Deeply Discounted products by having your own Party or Show To Go Party!  (Show to go is when you take catalogs to your friends and collect orders…no vacuuming required!) I’ll also be offering you some recipes so be sure to bring your orders over when you’re ready.  I’ll be doing orders “over there” on that table.  If I’m already doing someone else’s order, just lay it in the pile and I’ll draw from the bottom and call you over when I’m ready to do your order. 

This is what I say at the full service check out…(I talk about the business opportunity first)

Hi ________!  Did you have a good time tonight?  Good!  Was there something that inspired you about our Pampered Chef business?  Wait for their answer!  Go off of what they say.  (if you don’t talk about the business opportunity during your show, your guests won’t be inspired about the business so make sure you talk about it!)

If they say…”I like the way you can make your own schedule.”  I would say something like, “well can you see yourself getting out of the house 4 times a month and earning an extra $400?”

Or, “if you’re in the market for a kitchen makeover…giving the business a try is the way to go!  You can get over $1237 in products for your kitchen in just 30 days!  You should definitely take the 30 day challenge!”

Or, “Can you see yourself working a Pampered Chef business around your family and all the activities you’re involved in?”

Or, “I’d love to give you some information to take home and look over in the privacy of your own home.  This is meant to generate questions and I’d love to follow up with you.  Would you mind if I gave you a call tomorrow to see if this might be a fit for you or someone you know?”   What would be a good time?

If they totally shoot down the business opportunity I move on to booking a show.

“So are you ready to have the girls over for a Chip & Dip Party?  Or a Death by Chocolate Party?  Or a Fajitas & Rita’s Party?”

“So when would you like to have your own party and fill your kitchen with these amazing products?”

(host’s name) is working on getting her 2 bookings for the next 3 months, would you be willing to help her out and at the same time fill your kitchen with lots of FREE products?

“So ________, are you ready to have me over for a fun girls night out?  I’d love to help you earn lots of these products on your sheet for free!”

Cooking Class by Love Carpenter

Highly Effective Cooking Classes
10-15 min. Strong Opening:

Guests introduce themselves and their favorite product as they hold catalogs which they sell to each other. The first person who finds the page about that product and I chime in to elaborate if needed (only for higher priced items) gets a ticket. Every guest turns to that page. Selling from the book!

After the guests are through, I share my FAVORITE MUST HAVE POWER TOOLS, depending on the recipes, the Deep Covered Baker, Dutch RockCrok and Forged Cutlery Knives or 12" Skillet etc.

12 - 15 min. Fun Cooking Class

"And now for the best part, we are all going to __________(wherever the ingredients are set up) and you all get to try these our for yourself." Have hand sanitizer to spritz them or have everyone wash hands.

Depending on guest attendance there are 2 or 3 recipes printed each on a sheet in a clear pocket, next to the matching tools and ingredients (nothing is opened or prepped). I divide the guests into groups for each recipe. The Bakers and the Cookers. etc. Then ask in each group: "Who here is the bossiest one". their friends point//laughter.

She becomes the recipe leader and tells them what to do, for that she gets 5 tickets. Then I just visit each group and see how they are doing. The whole thing takes maybe 15 minutes at most. Many hands make quick work of multiple recipes.

"Ok everyone, GREAT JOB! How much fun was this?! I have some specials and FREE items to share with you so we are going back into the ____________(where we started).

10-15 min. Strong Closing:

"What was your favorite product to work with?" Manual Food Processor etc. Reinforce all the versatility of the DCB and RC.
Go over any specials and the FREE Guest Bonus.
Then do a strong booking talk. "How much fun was this and I know you all want your friends to gather and get a great cooking class to." Mention any Host Booking Bonuses briefly.

"Now you all notices how you all did the cooking and I had a glass of wine visiting with you. Do you know I get paid for that? Usually about $100-$200 and more! Who here gets to have a glass of wine at work and make $70 per hour and more? I want you to feel free to ask me any questions about this fun job, I will never call work for sure. You get a ticket for every questions asked. Now who has the first question?"

Lastly pass out door prize slips! And do a full service check out! HOME RUN!!!! Wahooooo.....


In my last 3 shows with this system, Bookings have gone through the roof and there are currently 4 recruit leads collecting orders and scheduling dates with their friends. 2 booked shows to earn the host kit credit.


1. Guest do not have to listen to us for an hour 'lecturing style', so they pay more attention at the end.
2. Your 'job' is really easy now so people are interested for themselves.
3. It is more fun for them, so they book more to repeat the experience.
I asked everyone who had been to my traditional show style how they liked this, they ALL said so much
BETTER....and I am very good at what I have done for 22 years!
4. The show is quick and easy on the consultant, you are not tired. Basically you feel like you just visited
with friends yourself.
5. Shy people can do this, they are not talking much.
6. Non cooks can do this, they are not cooking.
7. My last show the biggest order was from the "I never cook and I do not want to touch anything". She
still used the MFP for the onions and said to me afterwards. "I am so glad I got to use this, I would have
never ordered anything.: Her order was $120
8. I tell the Host we will have enough food and not to prepare anything else, maybe dip and chips.
That has helped with the bookings because now the hosting job doesn't look like a catering job.
9. Like anything else it will take a little practice. At every show I learned something new to tweak. Like do
not choose 2 recipes that are both 12 -16 min. in the microwave. Only one can fit in the microwave at a
time. If there are 2 surfaces I have them spread out, like kitchen island or counter and table. But if not
then 2 groups can work on 2 sides of the same table.

This is Michael Reeves from Leadership.  I loved his segment, this is a must watch video.  Imagine if we could make our cooking shows as hilarious as his!  How much would that boost our sales and our bookings!

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