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Check out our holiday recipes document to the right!

Here's a delicious idea for holiday gift-giving and holiday parties... Oreo Truffles! Just mix one block of cream cheese with one package of any flavor Oreos (chopped). Scoop into balls and freeze for at least 30 minutes, then dip in melted almond bark (vanilla or chocolate). I used Pampered Chef's Batter Bowl, Small Mix' N Scraper, Manual Food Processor (to chop the Oreos), Double Boiler, Small Stainless Scoop, Sheet Pans and Parchment Paper to put these yummy treats together. Serve on our GORGEOUS Shimmering Glass Adjustable Tiered Tower. Check out these items while shopping on _______'s show! ENJOY!

Here is Jennifer Courtney's Gift Giving Ideas segment from Leadership!  Great way to boost sales this holiday season!  Check out the document to the right "Holiday Gift Giving Ideas by Advanced Dir. Jennifer Courtney for her exact words!

HO HO HO! It’s that time of year…

But Honey, don't worry, there's nothing to fear.
I've thought and I've looked for what's perfect, you see,
To have nestled sweetly under our Christmas tree.

I wondered and whiled away hours just thinking,
Of What awesome gift would get my bright eyes twinkling,
And then, to my joy, I found the right thing!
The Pampered Chef sure makes my jingle bells ring!

A chopper, some stoneware, a garnisher, too,
A suds pump, a cookbook, cookware for stew!
A tool turn about, with a new super scraper,
or kitchen shears for cutting up chicken or paper!

And don't worry, honey, it's easy, you see,
All you have to do to make me happy,
Is call my consultant and order the things
I've listed below, and make my heart sing!

She'll take your order over the phone, and better still,
She'll wrap the gift nicely with bows and some frills!
Your work will be done and my friends will all see
How lucky I am to have you for me!

A Cool Veggie Tree to do at your Holiday shows!

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