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How to do shows based on selling the centerfold bundles

As many of you know, The Pampered Chef has introduced, for the very first time, bundles that guests can order and hosts can receive as half off!  This Spring season we are focusing on bundle selling as they are a great way to theme your shows with some of our most popular products: "Keep it cool" by cooking dinner in your microwave using the Deep Covered Baker, or do a "chips and dip show" by showing off the manual food processor and the microwave chip maker sets.  These bundles are also great ways to book shows as your guest might want the whole bundle for half off by hosting her own show!

Bundles are a fantastic way to plan a show and boost show totals.  By showing a recipe that focuses on one of the above bundles you will be able to take less to your shows and sell more as guests will be more inclined to purchase the whole bundle; thereby following the company’s new slogan “Carry less, Sell more!” 

The Make Your Own Chips Set and the Manual Food Processor Set can be combined with any of the other sets as a quick and easy complimentary to the meal already being prepared, and since these sets don’t include many products it won’t increase the weight of your bag!  Try adding some apple crisps seasoned with cinnamon and sugar (a great way to show the flour shaker as well!) or bake up some potato chips seasoned with sea salt or your favorite rub to add as a side to your pizza shows!

Bundles Broken Down

1. 2508-The Manual Food Processor Set $65.00

· 2581:  Manual Food Processor ($49.00)

· 1656:  Mini Mix ‘N Scraper ($9.50)

· 2457:  The Pampered Chef  Quick and Easy recipes for your Manual Food Processor ($6.50)

            2.  Make Your Own Chips Set $60.75

· 1099:  Simple Slicer ($29.50)

· 1241:  Microwave Chip Maker ($26.50)

· 9722:  Smoky Barbecue Rub ($4.75)

3.  Deep Covered Baker Dinner Set ($150.75)

· 2582:  Salad Chopper ($26.00)

· 1321:  Deep Covered Baker ($85.00)

· 2955:  Chef’s Tongs ($22.00)

· 2443:  The Pampered Chef Weekday Dinners-Done! Recipe Card Collection ($6.50)

· 2446:  The Pampered Chef More Weekday Dinners –Done! Recipe Card collection ($6.50)

4.  Skillet Dinner Set ($246.00)

· 2583:  Mix N Chop ($10.50)

· 2865:  Executive 12” Skillet ($150.00)

· 2866:  12” Glass Lid ($40.00)

· 2044:  Bamboo Specialty Cooking Set ($10.00)

· 9719:  Italian Seasoning Mix ($6.25)

· 2227:  The Pampered Chef 29 Minutes to Dinner ($14.75)

· 2263:  The Pampered Chef 29 Minutes to Dinner Volume 2 ($14.75)

5.  Grill Pan Dinner Set ($216.75)

· 2868:  Executive 11” Square Grill Pan ($145.00)

· 2875:  Grill Press ($34.50)

· 1621:  Grill pan and Press Scraper ($3.50)

· 1069:  Color Coated Bread Knife ($20.00)

· 9490:  Dijon Mustard Rub ($4.75)

· 2352:  Nylon Panini Spatula ($8.00)

· 1949:  The Pampered Chef Season’s Best Recipe Collection ($1.00)

6.  New Consultant Kit 

The new consultant kit recipes are a great way to add several recruiting bids throughout your show. By allowing all of your guests to see and use the tools that come in the new consultant kit, and by making sure that they know all of the tools they see come in the new consultant kit, their interest in the business may increase allowing you greater recruiting success.

Supportive Documents

Please Note:  Hostess fliers V.S. Bundle fliers

Also uploaded to this page are the hostess fliers as well as regular fliers.  The first two pages of the hostess fliers are made to be printed double sided and given to your hostess.  This portion of the document only has the ingredients of the recipes for each bundle.  This way the hostess needs you to assemble the recipe as she doesn't have the directions!  The last few pages of these documents has the directions for each recipe for your convenience.    The regular flier is to give to your hostess and her guests at her show, or if you don't want to print the whole flier you can simply look up the recipe in the master document "Bundle Show Recipes" and print the page that recipe is on.  You can also use the regular flier as an advertising tool to hand out to people at events.  

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