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Summer means Wedding Shower time!

I have updated The Well Stocked Kitchen with the new products and a Bride Order Form:

The Well Stocked Kitchen

Bride Order Form

Also for the Bridal Host Packet I include:

Bride's Wish List

Food Selections


Host Special

Guest Special

Which Kit Fits You?

The Well Stocked Kitchen

Bridal Order Form

Specials at a Glance

Catalogs and Mini Catalogs

Offer to set up online Facebook Event and post for out of town guests

Wedding Shower Invitation Fillable

Wedding Shower Helps

PC Video on Bridal Showers by Deena

Holiday Bridal Shower

Wedding Bingo by Sha Estes

Bridal Showers

Here Comes the Bride!!!
Bridal Registeries from Yvonne Thompson
Today when I was on I noticed an ad for this thing called Registry 360. I did a little searching and tested it out and you can actually use it for Pampered Chef wedding registries!!!! I am sooo excited because I was hoping to be able to register for PC stuff, but with it not being offered I thought it would be nearly impossible. If you want to check it out go to this would be where you would have the bride sign up. I set up a show right on my website (a dummy one just to see if it worked) and I went on as if I was shopping for a show. Once I got to an item that I liked I clicked on the "Add to Gift Registry 360" button that it has you add to your web browser when you sign up and bam! it was on my registry. So then I added a few items and logged out and searched for my time and it came up I went in like I was going to purchase something from the registry and when I clicked on it sure enough it brought me to the item on my website for the show I set up. I am pretty excited that I can now offer wedding registries and that I can register myself. I let the few dummy items on there so if you want to see what it looks like just visit the website and type in my name (My fiance's name is David Jewers) and play around with it. Pretty excited I have to say!!!!
Gift Registry 360 - Wedding Registry - Bridal Registry - Gift

Here is a great idea on how to communicate with your brides that our system has changed, and what to do during this transition period! Thanks to Diane Mascote McRae

We are about to have a major change in our web site and entire program system, so the old way we did  wedding registries is gone, and they are developing something new to fit with our new systems.  But, until that is up, I can help you with a wish list on my web site.  Here’s how this would work. . .

1)      I will mail you a catalog so you can make a BIG list of items you would like.

2)      I set you up as a host on my web site so that your friends can place orders on my web site, or they can call me directly.

3)      We set a date that we will use to close out the show and place all your orders, this is generally the week before your wedding or the week after – it’s up to you.

4)      You can get the word out that you are registered with The Pampered Chef and how to order (I’ll send that to you once we are all set up).

I can also put a picture of you and your fiancé on my web site under your article so that your friends and family can see you as they check out your list of items.  Any questions, please ask!  I’m excited to help you fill your kitchen with all the tools to make your new family meals enjoyable.

I just mailed her catalog last week, and set up a call for Wed. to get her wish list.  Here’s how I plan to put this together, and would love to hear from anyone else with your ideas.  On our call, here is my checklist:

1)      Tell me or email me your list of everything you would like, and I also need the quantities.

2)      We can have orders ship when placed to you or the guest, or would you like to hold all orders and ship at one time, which will also give you host benefits.  What date do we want to target to wrap that up?  (another option might be 2 closing dates and make it 2 shows – my biggest challenge here is when the guests order stuff for themselves).

As orders are placed, I will contact the customer to see if all items are for the couple, or if they included some items for themselves so I can advise the bride. 

For links & online ordering information, here is the note I will give to the bride:

Mary Smith & John Brown are excited to be registered at:

To view their wish list and place orders, click on News, under more articles Mary & John

Depending on how the bride wants to get her orders (all at once as a show, or as they are placed, information will be there as to how to place the order).

Great Games!


    Uses bride’s “wish list” -- Go to; in the middle left column, under ‘Create puzzles online’, click on the pull-down menu and find ‘word search’.  Highlight ‘word search’ and hit ‘Go’.  Follow the steps outlined.  Name your puzzle ‘Jennifer’s  (bride’s name) Kitchen’.  For product names that are more than one word, run the words together.    You will want your puzzle in ‘text’ format so that you can copy it into a word processing application, such as Word.  After you’ve copied it over, type the products from the wish list at the bottom of the puzzle.  The first one to find all the products wins a prize.  Make sure you print out the solution as well as the game.   


    Place 20-30 items from the bride’s ‘wish list’ on the Stoneware Bar Pan or Chillzanne Platter.  Keep it covered with a Kitchen Towel.  During the show, pass out paper and pens/pencils to guests.  Explain to them that this is to test their memory.    Give the guests 1 minute to look at the items; cover the tray back up; then give them 3 minutes to write down the names of the items they remember seeing.  Clues (if you want): they may refer back to the word search game for item names.  The one who correctly writes down the most products wins the prize.

IF MAKING A ‘RING’ MEAL (see "rings, wreaths, and braids" tasty tidbits cookbook for ideas on different rings you can make):

    After you’ve put the ‘ring’ in the oven to bake, ask the guests to take out their paper and pens again.  Quiz time.   This game will demonstrate just how important ‘rings’ are in our every day vocabulary.  Write the word corresponding to the following definitions, but where the letters r-i-n-g would normally appear, draw a ring, instead of spelling out the letters.

      1.   The tie that binds                          St-ring

      2.  That captivating curl                     Ring-let

      3.  Inspiring affection                       Endea-ring

      4.  Season when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love                                       Sp-ring

      5.   A lover’s state of mind             Desi-ring

      6.   Quality of the beloved              Allu-ring

      7.   Habit of lovers at parting        Linge-ring

      8.   Love that lasts                         Endu-ring

      9.   The blessing we wish the happy couple           


BIGGEST DISASTEREveryone has the chance to share the worst thing that‘s ever happened to them in the kitchen and the bride chooses the one she thinks is the funniest or the worst!  Award door prize. 

The Perfect Romance

Door prize slips-turn over and write perfect recipe for romance and keeping romance alive in a marriage, then collect them and read them and guests get to guess who wrote that recipe, then pass them to the bride-the guest who guesses the most correct authors wins a prize

Apron Memory Game

Take and apron, and with string or clips, put 15different products on the apron, and have the bride model the apron, and then have guests write as many as they can think of, whoever guesses the most items wins. 

Other Ideas

Have the bride make the recipe- I like to teach my bride one recipe, so that way she knows one good recipe going into her marriage!  You might be eating this recipe for the next five years! But at least she will know at least one good recipe!

Notes on the apron provided by the company for people to sign

·Tell the bride about it, offer it and see if that is something that the bride wants

·Instead of doing the apron, get a cookbook and have everyone sign the cookbook-you can use Season's Best, just something she can keep that has everyone's signature 

How to Get the Show Closed

·Close the show with the bride that day, so you aren't chasing the bride down afterwards to get the half price items and host bonus items that day before you leave, then if you get more orders that changes anything then you can contact them again

·Get their top ten items from top to bottom, and then you select the items that fit in, and make sure you have a credit card number for them for any charges that you need, makes it easy to close their show without them. 

·Brides are often impossible to get a hold of after the shower and you are the last person on their priority list

·Close with the host, and make it the host's job to get with the bride.  

How to take care of the Bride's Wishlist
Post the wish list on your website as a feature, and make sure that the option to show on main page is checked.

·Catalog, cut it up and put it on index cards and the bride tells me what she wants to register for, and then use those for people who are physically at the show, and use those for them to shop with

·Throw in gift cards too ($40 or $100 etc) Take those cards and write the names of who ordered on the back so the bride can use those as her thank you cards, or to write her thank you cards

·Put the page number on the cards, so it is easy for people to find the product in the catalog.

·I want everyone to go around the room and say one thing that everyone should have in their kitchen, and often the bride adds to her wish list.

·Gift cards are to be redeemed before you close the show if you offer them

How do you communicate wish list to outside world?

·Link to your e-mail and say "for a list of ____ registry please contact me” go to a bridal website like the knot. 

·Purchases on the PC registry don't go towards the show so we try to steer them away from that

·Put registry up after show

·Go to PWS and put registry list on calendar tab so it stands out from all the other stuff that is on there and tell everyone that the wedding list is located under calendar, and then everyone can see the registry. 

·They can order online, but type in the bride's name as the hostess (set up her bridal shower as an actual show) and if they don't make any notes then assume it is for the bride, if there is a note, usually it says that they want to purchase for themselves vs. the bride

· You can get people who are out of town to give them a check and put that in as an order, or say that we are collecting for her half price items

How do you keep things straight for who is ordering for what?

·Use Markers, when you are doing yours, write in green, when you are doing the bride's write in pink. 

·Circle anything that is going to you and put B next to things that are for the bride

·Made up a special order form, have a section for the bride and a section for the guest.  Everything that goes to bride is under Bride's name, and then put personal orders under the guest name, so when the party order comes in it is easier for the host to divide up the orders, she knows then what goes to the bride and what goes to the guests.  You will have to pay for shipping for the Bride's order since everyone is paying shipping for themselves.


Supportive Documents

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