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20 Fresh New Ideas for Bookings:

Bookings BINGO

Summer Bookings by Barb Duke

How to Get More Bookings on Your Calendar

Rebekah got two bookings each from two different vendor events and four
bookings from a recent party using this GREAT idea from Amanda Bailey and
Tricia Fischer!
Create desire for the Brownie Pan before describing how your guests can get
it for free (including using the great recipes in the attached recipe
book!).  place your next 6 available dates inside of the pan.
Going Crackers for Less Postponements!  By Lynette Almond

As we get closer to Christmas people get busier and busier. With all the best hostess coaching in the world, this is a time where we do need to work hard to make sure our parties hold.

Every postponement at this time of year means less income for us to spend on our own family’s Christmas!

Here’s a fun idea which will not only bring you bookings with minimal effort, but will keep them – while celebrating the season at the same time!

Go to the store and get some Christmas Crackers. If you open the end of them (you may need to remove the ribbon and tie some new ribbon on when you are finished), you can poke something extra inside.

Go to the local Lotto shop and buy some $1 scratchies. These are small cards where you scratch off the squares to reveal pictures underneath – if you can match 3 pictures you will win a cash prize. You might call them something else where you live.

At your party, put a basket of these on your display, tell everyone what’s in them and that anyone booking tonight can choose one.

When someone books, let them choose a cracker, write their name and date on it with marker pen and let them know that you will bring it along to their party so they can start the night with a bang – and hopefully a prize!

It’s amazing how attached people get to their crackers, and this one thing reduced postponements around Christmas and even New Year for me more than anything.

Even people who book a date in the New Year, will have crackers to pull – no one ever minds though when there’s a chance to win big!

I’d love to know what your equivalent of a scratchie is called (if it’s not a scratchie!). This idea is easy enough to try out tonight – so if you do, please let me know how it goes!

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From newly promoted - Executive Director Sharon Zelen:
( and this Top Recruiter in the whole company is not lacking in bookings...)

Okay so I want to thank Jillian Grant and her amazing assistant Leah for making me the booking necklaces that they did. I have brought them to two shows this week and at the first show I booked three shows for July and last night I booked four! Here is how they work. The necklaces are basically just the beads that you would get at a party store, kind of like the Mardi Gras beads. They come in different colors. You then cut out 15 $15 dollar products from the catalogue. You can laminate the products or Leah just said she used two sided tape. She then put a hole in the top of the product, put a ribbon through it and then the beads. So now you have 15 different product necklaces. As the guests arrived I gave each guest a necklace. When they asked me what it was for I told them they would find out later. At the end of the show after you do your show closing, I said now I want you to look at the necklaces that you were given when you walked in tonight. If you book a show with me tonight, you will get the product you are wearing at your show! However, it gets even better, whoever books a show tonight, Holly Hostess will get that gift as well at your party. So if one of you book, Holly will get one additional gift, if two of you book then Holly will get two additional gifts. Now girls, if you already own the product you are wearing or would like the product your friend is wearing, feel to walk around and change necklaces. But remember, whatever necklace you are wearing when you come up to checkout is the gift that you and Holly will receive at your show! So to my amazement they were going around swaping necklaces and everyone was asking the host do you like this, do you want this, etc. For anyone that knows me I don't like change but Jillian was having such amazing results I thought I would give it a try. I highly recommend this if you are in need of bookings. So I will have to lay out $30 at each booking but we know that we will put it on the hosts discount so maybe it will cost me $20 a booking! Well worth it. Go buy your supplies!

Use the brownie pan to book shows!  Bring it to your shows with your available dates and when someone books that date they will get to lift off the number and reveal the prize underneath!

Here you can see that the hostess would have won a mix n chop for picking the 26th, or for picking the 25th she would have won a leak-proof glass container!  

Bookings with the Brownie Pan:

  • Make a set of numbers 1-31 to represent each day of the month, and place a little prize in each of the wells of the brownie pan. Place your available dates over each well (they don’t all have to be in the same month, you can do multiple months on the brownie pan). When someone at a party picks that day, they get a little prize!
  • Typically you give your hostess a gift, and this would be your hostess gift. Some ideas of what you can put in the wells are below:

                    Small gift

                    -products under $15

                    -apple wedger

                    -Core and more

                    -mini mix n scraper

                    -Pantry items

                    -Items that you earned for free and are not going to use

  • *then order that item under her name after her show and after she has placed her order so you are using her hostess discount of 15%-30% off and you are also receiving 20% commissions on it so you don’t lose much money.
  • If you don’t have much money to spend on hostess gifts: Highlight the host program

                    -offer free shipping

                    -offer 60% off items for that month they are booking

                    -host appreciation show invite

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