AllStar Atlas


 August 2012

***Videos are Posted in order they were presented at the meeting***
German Chocolate Lava Cake REDO From Fall Launch.  Local consultant Jenna Martinich shows how to use this recipe at your show and incorporate booking bids and recruiting bids.

Lava Cake Part 1                                                                                                                Lava Cake Part 2
The best part of Fall launch was when we learned about the cell phone game and stealing hearts.  What wonderful ways to talk about recruiting and to get your customers to have your number in their phone!  This video talks about what to do after the lava cake goes into the microwave.  You can see stealing hearts videos Here:  Cooking Show Games
Tango with Tangerine this fall with this inspirational and motivational activity.  Paint your toenails!  How fun!  Every time you get up in the morning and look at your toes you will remember to step forward and take action!

Get motivated by the amazing Pampered Chef charm bracelet this fall.  It is a great way to start conversations and Deena already got one booking off of wearing it!

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