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Are you using Express Party Checkout at your cooking shows? It's amazing -- read all about it at this link:

Deena's Host Packets

Business Card
Pack of Invitations
Three Month Specials Sheet
Recipe Options
Host Letter Cooking Show or Host Letter Catalog Show
50 Guests in 5 Minutes!
Your Party Planner
Current Monthly Host Specials
Current Monthly Guest Specials
Which Kit Fits You?
Taste the Good Life
Current Month Outside Order Form
Mini Catalogs

Virtual Host Coaching by Faith Hayes

Jocelyn Gomes' Purse Game
for Hosting Opportunity

All About Hosts!

72 Hour Difference-New Consultant's Strong Start Outline by Cherie Crider White

New Queen of Shopper's Spring Game by Kati Woods

New Consultant Theme Ideas by Jennifer Geier

Hostess Challenge by Marie Proctor Snyder

Host Letter with Chocolate/Cheese Recipes by Marna Ross

Host Scavenger Hunt
Hostess Scavenger Hunt
by Lisa Brown Ravndal

Connie Florer 2014 Spring Host Recipe Sheet

Top 10 Freezer Meal Workshops

Thanks to Cora and Roz for finding the information:

January Host Coaching Call

Thank you to Sharon Zelen and Lisa Noto for doing a FANTASTIC training call last night on how to fill up your January and then Coach your host to make it the best show ever…Please pass this # on to your teams and have them call now. This will help everyone get on track for an incredible January!!!

Here is the Playback for Sharon Laden-Zelen and Lisa Noto's call on Bookings and Host Coaching:
Playback: 712-775-7089
Access Code: 716094#

And here are the words to say when calling for a Booking this week:
Hi Lisa, it's Sharon from The Pampered Chef. Do you have a minute? I am so excited I had to call you. The Pampered Chef is offering the most incredible incentive for January and I thought of you. They are offering DOUBLE FREE HOST BENEFITS! What that means is that normally my Hosts earn about $200 in free products but in January it will be $400 in free products! It's crazy. They do this maybe twice a year and in 2015 it's going to be in January! I would love to come and pamper you and your friends. (there will usually be a pause while she is thinking) I will then say.....I am actually offering some new theme shows. We are doing a hands on, totally interactive show. Unlike anything you or your friends have ever seen. It is more like a cooking class where the guests do all the cooking. I am also offering a soups and slippers theme show and giving away a great prize for the best pair of slippers. I am also offering a death by chocolate theme show with chocolate martinis or a wine cheese and chocolate show. Which one of these do you think you and your friends would like? At this point she will probably say, "Oh, I like the _______, lets do it. I then say I just want to let you know that if we pick a date between the 1st and the 10th you will also earn another freebie, the salad chopper or the can opener! Can you find a date between the 1st and the 10th. I have open the ____ and the ____. Do one of those work for you?

From Stacy Atkinson Itzel: I never use the web tools, they are too unreliable. I send them an email invitation in the body of an email that they can forward, a Redstamp and Facebook even. I feel like if I tell them not to use Facebook they freak out because EVERYONE uses it. I also get addresses from 90% of my hosts and send out their invitations. I send the mini catalog. I always include 10 postcard invitations in their packet to hand to people they think of later. I don't do ANYTHING (Facebook, packet, redstamp, email - NOTHING) until I have a guest list from them. Here's what I say, "Kelly, let's talk about how we're going to invite everyone to your party. I'll set up a Facebook event for you with all the details about your party and a link that your friends can click to RSVP or order online if they can't attend. All you have to do is click JOIN then click INVITE FRIENDS. Is that okay? Great! I'm also going to send you an email invitation that you can forward because I'm sure you have some friends and family members that aren't on Facebook and we don't know how often the ones that are on Facebook check it. Do you like that idea? Super! I'll also send you a picture invitation that you can send out through text that will have all your show information as well. You can use to invite the people you text a lot and use it as a reminder a couple of days before. Would that be helpful? Super! You're going to think I'm silly now but trust me when I tell you this, the VERY BEST way to invite everyone to your party is to send them something in the mail. You probably received one from Stacy's party, right? I printed and mailed those for Stacy and I'm going to do the same thing for you. I'll email you a spreadsheet to fill in with names and addresses and send back to me. That's all you have to do. I'll take care of everything else. If there are people that you see on a regular basis (co-workers, neighbors, church and family members) that you don't have addresses handy for, just list their name and I'll send the invitation back to you to hand deliver. (This ensures me they are working on a list.) How does that sound? Great, I'll email that to you now and I'll need it back next week. If they are among the 10% that don't give me a list, I send them 18 mini catalog invitations and 15 post card invitations in their host packet.
Host letter by Deena Hiltbrand

Dear Hostess,

      Thank you so much for scheduling your kitchen show with me. I will strive to help you have a terrific, fun and successful show so you will obtain all the items on your wish list. This special hostess packet is set up so you can easily find the show planner and show supplies essential for a fun and successful show. You will also find it contains additional information about our lucrative hostess program and a recipe sheet for you to use to select your party menu.

      I am really looking forward to your show and I’m here to help in any way that I can. We’ll need to talk several times before your show to confirm directions, selections, and attendance.

      A good tip for having a successful show is to send catalogs to all your guests who cannot make it to your party. You can take outside orders using the outside order forms in this file.  Please have your guest fill out the outside order form drawing slip as they will be included in a separate drawing. If they are interested in hosting a show or a catalog show, you will receive extra booking points and this will boost your free merchandise levels.

      Your guests can also order from your show on the web at It’s easy! They just enter your name as the host and follow the step-by-step guide on the next sheet!

      Another tip is to over-invite. Typically, less than half of your invited guests will be able to attend. So be sure to over-invite and encourage everyone to bring a friend!

      I hope you’re excited about gathering all your friends, family, and co-workers. I know we will have a great time viewing terrific kitchen products, sharing recipe ideas, and sampling delicious food!

      Thanks again for hosting a Pampered Chef Kitchen Show. I am truly thankful for all my wonderful hostesses and would appreciate the chance to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to call me anytime.


Deena Hiltbrand

Independent National Director

your phone

your address

your email

Check out this great video on Host Coaching by Love Carpenter

Check out the handouts on the right hand of the page for ideas on what to put into your host packets!  These will be in addition to our standard materials which include
  • Catalogs
  • Recipes
  • Monthly Host and Guest Special
  • "Discover us" brochure
  • Invitations
  • How to host a successful cooking show guide provided by the company
From Samantha Hallburn:
Hi Sandra!
I am really looking forward to our Cooking Party on Aug. 17th at 11:00am!! . We are going to have so much fun!   Below are some instructions for our upcoming Pampered Chef Cooking Show! There are attachments and instructions and recipes below. 
 Here’s what you need to do:
1. Decide on which recipe/theme you want to go with for your show.  I will send you a corresponding flyer invite to match your theme. 

2.Download the flyer invite and check for any mistakes. Print and make copies and hand out to everyone you know and love! Over invite! They will not all come. Only about 1/3 the people you invite will come. 10-12 people makes a very comfortable and fun party. I WILL MAIL MINI CATALOGS TO ANYONE YOU GIVE ME ADDRESSES FOR!
FACEBOOK:  I will make an event on FB so please friend me so        that I can post my website for you. I am on facebook at  
3. Download and print your specials, guest specials and outside order forms. What do you want for FREE or discounted???  EMAIL ME AND TELL ME!
4.  Use the outside order form (attached) for those who can not come but want to order and do not use the computer. Those who use the computer can go to my website

5. Look for your host packet in the mail.  CALL ME WHEN YOU GET IT.  We will go over it together to ensure you have the best show possible!

My goal as your consultant is to get you as much from your wish list as possible for FREE or 50-60% off but no less than $100!  Be sure to send me your wish list ASAP so I can help you do what you need to to make that happen!!!!  

Can't wait.  Please contact me anytime, via any form of communication if you have questions or concerns.  TTYS!

This month's recipes/themes:

Dinner In A Dash 
Summertime Spaghetti
(Pairs great with our Lemondrop or Cucumber Mojito)

Mexican in Minutes
Mexican Layered Dip OR
Family Style Taco
(Pairs AWESOME with our Margaritas)

Happy Hour/Tea Party
Cucumber lime dip and homemade chips OR
Fruit and cheese plate with or without cucumber sandwiches and your choice of tea(s)

Skinny Dipping Show
Learn sweet and savory dip ideas and wedge your favorite fruits and Vegetables to go along with them.

Thrill of the Grill
Grill your favorite meats and veggies and have a blast with your guests poolside or on the deck.  Pairs great with all of our Itty Bitty Bevs- we will decide based on your menu


As a reminder we have SIX Cocktail options available to go with any theme show.  Choose from Margarita, Cucumber Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Appletini, Lemondrop or Strawberry Daiquiri .  Just provide the alcohol and I'll bring the mix.  Be sure to let me know which one you want!

Send host special, guest special, outside order form, new consultant special, host tic tac toe, and host with the most forms via e-mail.

Host Coaching Training Call by Duska Mills MP3 Download

E-Mail to Hosts

I use the e-mail to host on the web, but I customize it to read something like this (words in purple should be customized to fit your personal show :

Thank you for hosting a Pampered Chef® Theme Show. Everyone will have a great time trying out great kitchen tools and sampling a tasty recipe. I’ll call you soon so we can plan for a fun get-together.

Be sure to visit my personal website Personal web site to create your wish list! Just create an account, sign in, and you’ll see a link to your Show in the upper left corner. You can also send e-vites through this new system. Simply add your guests name and e-mail addresses, select all guests and you can customize and send out the e-vite. Let me know if you have questions.

Keep an eye out for your host packet in the mail I'll call you soon to go over the host packet! 


If my host is posting her show on Facebook or is mailing invitations, here are my instructions for the guest to find the host:

To order on-line go to my Personal Web Site
2. click on "create an account" and follow the instructions to create your own personal on-line account (this DOES NOT automatically subscribe you to my newsletter, it is simply a way for you to track your purchases on-line).
3. On the upper left corner you will see "Shows you are hosting or are invited to", click on the drop down box and you will see "Find Your Host Now"
4. Click on "Find Your Host Now"
5. Type in (HOST's NAME) as your host and SHOP AWAY!

Again, if you have any issues with the web-site at all, or can't find your host, just call me and I can take your order over the phone or e-mail me your order at
my e-mail address


July Host Email and Attachments

July Host E-mail: this is the body of your email
Attachment 1: Thrill of the grill invite
Attachment 2: Dinner in a Dash Invite
Attachment 3: Keep it cool invite
Attachment 4: Facebook Photo 1
Attachment 5: Facebook Photo 2
Attachment 6: Outside order Form
Attachment 7: Wish List ABC
Attachment 8: Future Party Pick Flyer
Attachment 9: July Host rewards flyer

August Host Email and Attachments

August Host Email: This is the body of the email
Attachment 1, 2 ,3 and 4--> See invites and attachments above
Attachment 5: Facebook Photo 2
Attachment 6: Outside Order Form
Attachment 7 and 8 --> see above
Attachment 9: August Host rewards Flyer

September Host Email and Attachments

September Host Email: This is the body of the email
Attachment 1: Interactive Show Invite
Attachment 2: Freezer Meal Show Invite
Attachment 3: Facebook Photo 1
Attachment 4: Facebook Photo: guest special
Attachment 5: Outside Order Form
Attachment 6: Wish List ABC
Attachment 7: Future Party Pick Flyer

David's Host Coaching Letters

Supportive Documents

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