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3 Month Specials

Summer means Wedding Shower Time!

I have updated The Well Stocked Kitchen with the new products and a Bride Order Form: :

The Well Stocked Kitchen

Bride Order Form

Also for the Bridal Host Packet I include:

Bride's Wish List

Food Selections


Host Special

Guest Special

Which Kit Fits You?

The Well Stocked Kitchen

Bridal Order Form

Specials at a Glance

Catalogs and Mini Catalogs

Offer to set up online Facebook Event and post for out of town guests


New Consultants please be aware of scams such as this one below. If they do not use debit or credit cards, please do not accept the order.

Dear Consultant ,

How are you doing today ? I need you to place an Order for me and also want to be your new Customer, My Boss would mail you Check for the amount of the PAMPERED CHEF, the shipping fee and the tax as well since i don't operate CREDIT CARD and am a DEAF MAN. The table below illustrate my Order. The Check MUST arrive before placing my Order .

Item Description Qty
Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set 1
Cookware Tool & Utensil Holder Set 1
Micro-Cooker® Set 1

Note:- Are the products all hand wrapped? I would like to send the payment in advance so you can start ordering, but let me know how much the total amount for the order would cost me including shipping. Payment is in the form of a certified bank check. More so I do not have much knowledge about computer / internet and have no credit or debit card to do the orders on line myself, but I was told I could order through a sales consultant. Please return to me with the total amount ..

Full name =
House address =
Cellphone number =

Once I have the total amount and your postal address to which the payment is to be sent. I will ask my financier to send your payment as soon as possible. Below is her address to which the product will be sent. Keep in touch .Below is out family house address where the product will be sent to and that is where the wedding will be holding. Keep in touch .

Neil Steven
27 Barnes Ave,
Johnston ,RI 02911

Many Thanks,
Neil Steven .

National Conference Registration begins on April 8th!!!

Wedding Shower Invitation Fillable

Virtual Party Consultant's Guide to a successful VP

Virtual Party Template Format

Express Party Checkout

Are you using Express Party Checkout at your cooking shows? It's amazing -- read all about it at this link:

Please save a little each month and join us this year!

Popcorn Recipes

Fall Vendor Event set up ideas

3 Month Specials

Fall/Winter 2018 Dropped & Restyled Products

Free For All Products

Spring/Summer 2018 Dropped & Restyled Products

3 Month Specials

20 Fresh New Ideas for Bookings:

Pumpkin Cinnamon Sugar Donuts (Includes vegan version)

Opportunity Chat

Digital Interview Cards

Host and Guest Specials - Fillable

Bookings BINGO

Aunt Nelda’s Oh So Chocolate Chocolate Cake

15.25 oz Duncan Hines Devils Food or Dark Chocolate Cake Mix

10 oz package mini chocolate chips

1 cup sour cream

1 cup oil or melted butter

3 eggs (4 eggs for high altitude)

1 small package cook-n-serve chocolate pudding

¼ cup water

Brush the pan with 1 tbsp of un-sweetened cocoa powder (or 1 tbsp of the dry cake mix) and 1 tbsp of oil mixed together. Mix the ingredients well (batter will be thick) and bake about 20 minutes at 375 degrees until springs back to touch. Do not over cook cake. Cool five minutes and turn out onto cooling rack.  Sprinkle with powder sugar.

National Conference 2018

Notes from Breakout Sessions...coming soon!

Host and Guest Specials - Fillable

Pampered Chef Virtual Party Host Guide

New Consultant Strong Start

Deena's Host Packets

Business Card
Pack of Invitations
Three Month Specials Sheet
Recipe Options
Host Letter Cooking Show or Host Letter Catalog Show
50 Guests in 5 Minutes!
Your Party Planner
Current Monthly Host Specials
Current Monthly Guest Specials
Which Kit Fits You?
Taste the Good Life
Current Month Outside Order Form
Mini Catalogs

Host and Guest Specials - Fillable

Host and Guest Specials - Fillable

Host and Guest Specials - Fillable

Host and Guest Specials - Fillable

Kids in the Kitchen

Spring/Summer 2017 Catalog Scavenger Hunt

Chicago Events July - August 2017

Top Ten Reasons to Attend National Conference




1. Be among the first to see the new FALL Products!

2. Get motivated like you have never been before!

3. Celebrate your accomplishments and those of your team members.

4.  Get knowledge, tips, and great tools to strengthen your business.

5.  Meet top consultants from all around the country—learn their tips!

6.  Hear amazing motivational speakers-the very best!

7.  Get “pampered” with wonderful food, gifts, and FUN!

8.  Meet fellow team members and make life-long friends!

9.  You get to see CHICAGO…one of our nation’s most FUN cities!

10.  Be rewarded for all you do for this company. They truly pampered you with gifts, great food, and amazing fun!


Won’t you join our team for National Conference August 3-5, 2017?

We need you and YOU need Conference!

Just call me anytime for more specific information-

you will NOT regret it!! I promise!


Deena Hiltbrand


Top Ten Reasons to Attend National Conference Flyer

Host and Guest Specials - Fillable

Hiltbrand Team Videoconferencing Team Meeting January 10, 2017

Hiltbrand Team Videoconferencing Team Meeting January 10, 2017 Video

Meeting Handouts:

How To Build A Bridge & Get Over It

* Build a Bridge - January Bookings Script

How S.M.A.R.T. Are You?

* What are My Goals?


* Tell Your Story

* Director Bound Program

Pack Your Bags - Were Going to...

* 2017 Incentive Trip Video

* Pack Your Bags Go-al Plan

* Trip Flyer

* Tracker


* Irresistible Destinations 2017

Top Ten Ways to be Successful in 2017 by Deena Hiltbrand:

10 - Have fun and be nice

9 - Attend National Conference

8 - Watch successful consultants

7 - Become an expert on Host Coaching; set goals and plan for the PC Trip

6 - Pick a great recipe

5 - Educate yourself on products

4 - Have a place and a time to work

3 - Be prepared especially with paperwork

2 - Get excited

1 - Get informed on Host and Guest Specials

Host and Guest Specials - Fillable

Gift Certificate

Wedding Shower Helps

Barb Duke Call with Connie Florer 

Marna Ross 150+ Recipes

Becky Adam's Mock Party Training

Consultant Connection Email Suggestion by Barb Duke

Create sales on your personal website by sending a Customer Connection email (see attached suggestion), and let them know to click "Holiday" in the menu bar for great gifting ideas. You need to check them out -- they are amazing!

Emoji Cookie Recipes by Diane Mascote McRae

September October November Specials Fillable Flyer

Questions you may have about The Pampered Chef by Barb Duke

Three New Consultant Kits

Catalog Cheat Sheet for Fall 2016 by Diane McRae and Lura Antokal

Recruiting Training by Stephanie Richardson

Here is a video, showing how I am teaching my team to recruit, using the website, instead of the interview cards. I hope it is helpful to you and your teams!

How any consultant can use our website tools to sure to ask the CLOSING question, "Are you ready to click on get started?" at the end of the interview.
Here is the script with the questions to ask:
Section 1: What does a consultant do? Ask, “Which of these ways of working your business would you like the most?” Section 2: Why You’ll Love It-Ask, “Which of these benefits of a Pampered Chef business sound best for you?” Section 3: Meet People Like You Ask, “Which of these categories do you relate to most? Go ahead and watch that video to learn more. Any others appeal to you that you would like to watch, too?” Section 4: Which Kit Fits You? Ask, “I want you to have the most success possible. May I share with you some research results of a pilot study with our starter kits? Those consultants who purchased the Ultimate Kit had more shows, had higher average guest orders, had more guests at each show, had higher show sales and made more money that those who purchased one of the other starter kits. Which starter kit would be best suited for your goals and budget?” Section 5: Why Pampered Chef Ask, “Which of those reasons why you should try Pampered Chef excites you the most?” “I want to encourage you to watch the video at the bottom of the screen to learn even more information. Are you ready to click ‘Get Started?’”

National Conference Director's Retreat Session by Kati and Connie

National Conference General Sessions Music Playlist

National Conference General Sessions Notes by Tiffany M. Foreman

National Conference Breakout Sessions Notes

Perfectly Planned Pampered Chef Performance

Summer Bookings by Barb Duke

ZOOM Monthly Team Meeting - June

Resource Links:

CEO of Me; Misty Kearns-Direct Sales Success Coach


Hal Elrod


Dr. Steven Covey/Zig Ziglar Rocks in a Jar;_ylt=AwrTHQg3iWFXpzwAEipXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTExamZhajVjBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMyBHZ0aWQDVUlDMV8xBHNlYwNzYw--?p=Steven+Covey+Rocks+In+a+Jar&fr=yfp-t-828783%2C469-s#id=7&vid=0e4a1a48b34f898cc50a4d12e3b2181e&action=view


Steve Chandler “100 Ways to Motivate Others”


Please read PC Stir: tons of information each edition


Daily 5 Challenge in on!!!


Summer Bookings Flyer by Barb Duke

12 pages of summer bookings ideas starting with “Put the Sizzle Into Summer”




When planting seeds…it takes time.

Father's Day Ideas

ZOOM Monthly Team Meeting - May

12 Gift Ideas for Mom Who Love to Cook or Bake

Fun Mothers Day Activities for the Entire Family

Must Have Product Sets by Sharon Laden-Zelen

Spring Summer 2016 Pricing Analysis by Lura Antokal

New Batter Scrapper flyer #1693 by Katie Miller-Bivolcic

New Consultant Training

By Christina Maniscalco
New Consultant Training Works alongside with PCU
Welcome to your New Business

Video on Reduce Cancellations by Deena

Video on Bridal Showers by Deena

2016 March Guest Special
Rub and Sauce Ideas and Recipes

Veggie Spiralizer Video

March April May 2016 Specials at a Glance

Spring Catalog Cheat Sheet 2016

Mason Jar Salad Ideas

Tax Tips

(We are not tax experts, each state has different rules, this is meant just for your information.)

Tax Tips

Jocelyn Gomes' Purse Game

Video of Discontinued Products

2016 Calendar Recipes

2016 Power Tool Recipes

Discontinued Pampered Chef Products 
Items available while supplies last until February 29, 2016
*some of these items will be restyled and now part of a set*

Don't Trifle with Me

Having fun with Pampered Chef's Trifle Bowl

Pampered Chef Cyber Monday Sale

Tick Tock Tick Tock
Are you excited? We are!
Pampered Chef is hosting a Cyber Monday Sale on November 30th from 12:01 am to 11:59 pm (CST) with free shipping for online orders over $75. 

Free standard shipping will be available on Cyber Monday--Nov 30, 2015--from 12:01 am to 11:59 pm (CST)
Get free shipping on online orders of $75 or more (before tax and after other discounts). Taxes and prior purchases will not count toward the minimum purchase requirement. Show orders will not qualify.
When you qualify for free shipping, you will also qualify for the November guest special. Double win!!!
Free standard shipping on online orders will be available to customers in all 50 states, as well as those with APO/FPO addresses.

Excludes expedited shipping. 

Pie Tip:

Line the bottom of the pie crust with parchment paper and pour in some rice. Bake your pie crust, and it'll still hold its shape, some of the butter from the crust will seep through the paper and get into the rice. You can then cook the toasted rice into a delicious, buttery rice pilaf.

Cheesy Shells & Italian Sausage recipe

The Well Stocked Kitchen

Holiday Bridal Shower document

The Well Stocked Kitchen

November Guest Special

Stuff your stocking with great-tasting gifts!

In November: When guests purchase any of 10 select pantry rubs or seasoning mixes, they'll get a second one free!

In November and December: For a limited time only, the Bamboo Serving Set is just $3 (save $6.50)—stock up for holiday entertaining and gift giving!

Dail in for Tips from the Top

You asked for it, you got it! Join us on Mondays from 8-8:30 p.m. (CT) for Tips from the Top! Each week a top field leader will share tips on a variety of topics to help you end 2015 strong!

The conference dial-in number is 712-770-4005, participant access code: 427286. The calls will be recorded and available for one week following the call. The playback number is 712-770-4009

Kudos to Connie

Connie Florer was mentioned in PC Fresh News on October 27th!!! It was MAGIC!!!

Scratch Off Stickers Link
Booking, Recruiting and Vendor Event Games

Master List of Scratch Off Labels

Vendor Training

Share this video on your Facebook Page! Having so much fun in the kitchen!!!

Tired of Drive-Thru Dining?

A no-worry week of dinner

Freezer Meal Workshop by Sandy Alexanian

Fall Catalog Cheat Sheet 2015

100 Ways to Obtain Bookings

Corny Package by Julie Gizzi

Spiral & Slice by Jill Lerner

This is one of my favorite products, our spiral & Slice. Perfect for making really thin onions. Great for zucchini, potatoes, apples etc. Placing an order now. Please let me know if you would like me to order one for you.

Cold Stone Show by Julie Gizzi and Diane McRae

Use them or make your own for fun and interactive Online Shows by Kati Woods

Dorm Room or Apartment Survival Ideas by Sheila Wilson Addis

15 Minute Video
3 Meals in 30 Minutes
June 2015

21 Minute Video
Station Style Show Demo by Deena's Local Team
June 2015

Thought by Crystal Wells Livingston

June Specials by Lesli Crenshaw

Station Style Show - Team Meeting June 2015
Chopped California Cobb

Happy Birthday Deena! from the All Star Team!

One Minute Fun Product Video by Pam Garner

Boil Over No More


Fabulous product!!!!!! Order it via my site at  OR get it free by hosting a show!!!!!   Small and large Pampered chef's Boil Over No More. Use them to keep your stove top spotless by preventing boil overs and splatters.

Turn them over and put the insert on the opposite side and use it for the microwave as a splatter guard.

June 2015 Images by Kati Woods

Get Paid to Party June 2015 by Kati Woods

Summer Sally & Planning Patty
by Stacy Atkinson Itzel

Scavenger Hunt by Lisa Miller

Facebook Party Training by Sha Estes

Images by Kati Woods

Help Whip Cancer May 2015

Help Whip Cancer Insert

Help Whip Cancer Contribution Form

Pampered Chef Help Whip Cancer

How to Shoot Better Foodie Photography with Your I Phone

Summer Grilling Ideas by Barbara Duke
Invites, Ideas and Recipe

Help Whip Cancer 2015

Help Whip Cancer flyer
You can earn all the May 2015 Help Whip Cancer® products FREE when you submit 2 Shows March 1-31, 2015.

2015 April-May-June Order Form by Gail Shendelman

New Queen of Shopper's Spring Game by Kati Woods

Easter Recipes by Judy Siegel

Spring 2015 Booking Flyer by Lura Antokal

Spring/Summer Pricing 2015 by Lura Antokal

SPRING SUMMER 2015 % of Total
Items between $1.00 & $10 120 26.49%
Items between $10.01 & $20 153 33.77%
Items between $20.01 & $30 67 14.79%
Items between $30.01 & $50 54 11.92%
Items over $50.01 59 13.02%
Total # of Products 453 100.00%
Total % of Products under $10 120 26.49%
Total % of Products under $20 273 60.26%
Total % of Products under $30 340 75.06%

Product Training Videos By April Schillig

2015 Fundraiser Ideas

Thank you to Stacy Atkinson Itzel for sharing the following information:

Davina Messics did a training call today for my team on how to maximize Fundraisers.  It's incredible!! Share this with your teams!! If they implement what she shares, they will have an incredible 2015. Did you know Davina sells over $30,000 a year in Fundraisers and ALWAYS earns the TOP LEVEL Incentive trip? She is a Rockstar!!
Dial - (209) 647-1999
Enter Access Code - 622318
Reference #32

Love Letter to Austin, Texas

Jennifer Soto:
I know some of you are disappointed with the choice of Austin as a trip location. I have been thinking about all the things I love about my hometown when one of my high school friends posted a speech made by another friend from my High school. This is a love letter to Austin and perfectly sums up how I feel about it! What do you think, Virginia Brunner Bettis? (Virginia is the mother of one of my best friends from High School! )

Love letter #1: Austin. Even though I don’t live here now, this city means a lot to me. It’s one of the first great loves of my life. It’s where I came of age, where I learned to be a young man.

It’s where I learned some simple values, like the importance of handshakes and speaking plainly. It’s where I learned the power of music authentically expressed, like the cry of a steel guitar, or cowboy songs around a campfire late at night.

It’s where I learned to dream. I still remember going with friends to Enchanted Rock one time, and counting over 30 shooting stars while lying on our backs. It was like we were on the prow of Spaceship Earth. We had the whole world below us, as we hurtled forward into the universe above us.

I still remember moving to Austin as a teenager, and realizing that I’d never tasted such a place before. Austin has a flavor that is unique. It lingers in the soul. It wasn’t until I grew up that I realized how special and rare that flavor is in the world.

A full generation has passed since that time, and things change. Austin has boomed. And Austinites can be rather nostalgic these days. One generation ago, Whole Foods was a “small neighborhood grocery.” Those are the words from the corporate website. Today, there are over 360 such “small neighborhood groceries” around the world.

One generation ago, South by Southwest was a bracelet you bought to go barhopping and hear local bands play. Today, multinational corporations sponsor events at “South By” to market new products to millions of consumers.

One generation ago, when I talked with people outside the state of Texas, Austin was often confused with Houston. Now, Houston is sometimes confused with Austin. Sorry, Houstonians.

Here’s what I’ve come to realize. Austin was special because it was at the edge of the frontier. Not just the geographical frontier. It was at the edge of cultural frontiers, a collision of different ways of living. The mashup of cowboys, hippies, intellectuals, and civic leaders created its own music that still echoes in the hills today. And each of those components played a role. Gritty bluntness from the cowboys. Open-heartedness from the hippies. Love of ideas from the academics. Grand ambition from the civic leaders.

Those were the lines of code in the original operating system of Austin. That software program simply ran its course over several decades. One generation later, and I can still taste that Austin. The flavor will remain on my tastebuds until I die.

Here’s the takeaway lesson. There is a natural power at the edges of frontiers. When you go fishing, the best places to drop your line are at the transition points, where light meets dark, shallow meets deep, fast meets slow. The same is true for human life. When you go searching for your fortune in life, look for those transition points. That’s the frontier. That was Austin.

Orange Pear Tart on the New White Round Stone!  Part 1

Orange Pear Tart Part 2

Turkey Cranberry Ring on the New Glazed Stone Part 1

Turkey Cranberry Ring Part 2

Tip from Conference:

THANK YOU Sizzle 2014 for the tip!! Now I can say "You can place an order at" instead of "I'll have to send you the link" when a guest asks about placing an outside order. So much more productive!!

Just one of dozens of great tips I picked up and implemented immediately. LOVED this time at conference!

Sizzle 2014 Videos

Below is a video on how to use the AllStarAtlas website; check it out! Short version

Detailed Version

Recruiting interview with Chandra Law- 15 New Recruits since January!

What paperwork do you give interested perspective consultant?

 --I have a little cute packet using the bags from My Girlfriend's House with my business card, recipe card and a Join Us booklet

What kind of excuses/ objectives have you in countered? What do you say or do? 

 -every one imaginable ;) Too busy, don't know anyone, no good at parties, etc. I answer them the same way I would answer a host who is objecting to a party--help give them the confidence to know they can do this too!

When and how do you train? 

 -varies. when I sign several all at once, I try to set up a new consultant training with everyone at once (in Feb I had one where there were 6 there), otherwise I do a one on one with them. 

-I go over the yellow succeed with us booklet and the getting started checklist

Your thoughts on launching shows and strong starts?

 -I would love to go to launching shows to help but my schedule prohibits it. I do know those with the stronger start are more consistent and have more fun & success with their businesses.

When and how do you bring up joining u in the business with hostess?

 -during my host coaching. I usually say something like "You & your friends obviously love pc, have you ever considered doing something like this? We could make your party your kickoff party or if you haven't quite decided by that date we can use some of your free product towards your kit!"

What do you say at the show/ outside of the show?

-I try to emphasize that really anyone can give this a try for just $99. No other investment needed after that, first you truly get to see if you like it before you spend another dollar out of your pocket!

When do you say it during your show?

 -I don't bring up the opportunity during a specific time during my party, just often.

Do you use the booking slide?

 -not the new one, I haven't really gotten the hang of it yet

What recipes are you making at your shows? 

 -fajitas & salsa or zucchini in the rockcrok with garlic bites in the saute pan or wine, cheese & chocolate with 3 minute dip & s'mores cake

Do you tie any statements with products from the kit? 

 -I usually always bring it up when using the MFP, but really any product works because I talk about them earning pc dollars to buy whatever they want (even the NEW products at half price!)

Does the trip have any impact on your recruiting? 

 -I think it has. I have several who are really wanting to earn Disney, I think because they saw me do it they realize that they can do it too!

Do you wear or carry logo items?

 -yes, my purse is the gray one we earned last year with the mini catalog in the front. I have a few logo shirts I wear as well, people always notice those and comment on how much they love pc!

What changed from what you did in the past? 

 -I can't say anything in particular has changed, Maybe because I realized that giving PC a try isn't a MAJOR decision. How many of us have spent more than $99 at Walmart and we don't even remember what we bought? Why not use that $99 to give something like pc a try and see what else it can do for you and your family?

Do all your consultants qualify? 

 -nope. I wish they did but at some point I feel like if they are going to qualify, they are going to qualify, does that make sense? I am here to help them & support them every step of the way but I don't stress out or pressure them too much. I always point out the benefits of qualifying (incentive, pc dollars, trip points, etc) and then the rest is up to them.

Any tips on team recruiting? 

 -Again, just to realize this isn't a HUGE deal. Give it a try. Like it or don't. What do they have to lose? Don't get so wrapped up in everything that it becomes intimidating. Do they love pc? Do they have a few friends who would do practice parties for them? Great! Then they need to sign. ;)

How do you balance bookings / shows and recruiting with your busy home life? 

 -This is still something I'm working on, I tend to hyper-focus on one thing at a time (like February was recruiting, lol). I am still trying to achieve a good balance but the main thing I learned is that I can't do it all. Sounds silly but it's true. Do I get everything done for my team that I want to? Nope. Do I spend as much time on the phone as I want to? Nope. Is my house clean and weekly menu always made? Nope. You get the picture. I don't do as much on anything as I would like to but I have learned that it's ok. I do what I can. I prioritize and realize it's not the end of the world when my to-do list doesn't get totally done.

Most effective tip? 

 -I can't think of anything that I haven't already covered right now, sorry!

Anything else's you want to add?
-I guess I would just say don't over-think it. Don't over-talk it. We are putting too much pressure on them and ourselves, I think our recruit leads are getting overwhelmed with everything. Shoot, if I go on consultant's corner and think I need to learn it all I get overwhelmed never mind thinking I need to teach everyone how to do it all! Show them what an awesome return they will get on their investment. $99 and a few parties and look how much they get! Why wouldn't they want to try it?

Tiny CC: Instructions on how to use Tiny CC:
SPRING SUMMER 2014 % of Total
Items between $1.00 & $10 134 25.52%
Items between $10.01 & $20 200 38.10%
Items between $20.01 & $30 76 14.48%
Items between $30.01 & $50 57 10.86%
Items over $50.01 58 11.05%
Total # of Products 525 100.00%
Total % of Products under $10 134 25.52%
Total % of Products under $20 334 63.62%
Total % of Products under $30 410 78.10%

Spring Launch 2014 Highlights

Lisa Vega testimony in Ontario, CA!

Kelly Church rocked the house in Ontario, CA

Kelly Bjorklund Church "ROCKED THE HOUSE" IN Ontario, CA!!
Informative and Fun!
Thank you Kelly for your expertise!  Caryn Pollock Testimonial

Grace Bott cooking show from NY

Summer Jo Brooks Testimonial from Louisville

Christina Maniscalco from Baltimore

Erin Chase from Des Moines

Try this at your next show! (from Tanya Collins, Sales Consultant)

"There are three types of people at this show today... those who love to spend money, those who love to save money, and those who love to make money.  For those who like to spend money, just bring up your sales receipt and I will help you spend all your money.  For those who love to save money, host a show and you can earn free, discounted and half price products!  And those of you who like to make money are like me, and have I got the job for you!"


Use this Makeup bag from 31 gifts to help you organize your full service checkout!

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Kitchen Conversion Chart

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 Kathy Meindl and Esmeralda Corella

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Home Made Greek Yogurt
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How To and 52 Ways to Advertize Your Business by Barbara Duke How To 

2-27 New Queen of Shopper's Spring Game All About Host  and How to Cooking Show Games; Station Style Rustic Focaccia Theme Shows Station Style; 72 Hour Difference - New Consultant's Strong Start Outline All About Host and How to Kick Start Your Business

2-26 Host Letter with Chocolate/Cheese Recipes All About Host; Hostess Challenge All About Host

2-24: Sample fundraiser order form photo on the Fundraiser page, Product Spring Summer 2015 List posted on Important Documents on Home Page.

2-12 Discontinued Products Spring/Summer 2015

2-2 New Gift Certificate How to Gift Certificate

1-28 Removed Dinner Done Documents. If you would like information, please request to become a member on Face Book.

1-22 Host Scavenger Hunt and Hostess Scavenger Hunt by Lisa Brown Ravndal All About Hosts Page

1-22 Moved Connie's Spring Host Recipe Sheet to All About Hosts Page

1-15 Winter Blowout Sale 2015

1-7 Kitchen Conversion Chart

1-5 Top 10 Freezer Meal Workshops Cooking Shows and All About Hosts Page

12-17 Love Letter to Austin, Texas
12-16: January Host Coaching Call Info and Stacy Itzel Host Coaching Tips on the All About Hosts Page
12-11: Uploaded December Goal Setting and New Consultant Training under the Director's Page 
Added Soup Workshop to the Freezer Meal Page
10-13: Holiday appetizer party, mexican theme show, wine chocolate and cheese, power cooking beef planners and recipes, and cooking class flyer added to the Theme Shows Page, the power cooking page, and the Christmas page
10-06: Booking Script, November host letters and outside order form posted on main page
10-02: Virtual Party Outline for Facebook posted on the Facebook Shows page
Bruschetta Pasta station show uploaded onto the Station Shows Page
9-27: October Order Form posted
9-25: Double Chocolate Cheesecake Squares station show uploaded onto the station show page under New Consultant Shows
9-24: playdough parties by Julie Gizzi uploaded onto the cooking with kids page
9-23: On the Directors Page- new team building activity by Joni Laughlin
Salad Video by Breanna in the recipe demonstration section on the Video Trainings Page
 a new meeting idea has been uploaded called "Minute to Win It"

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